August 4, 2013

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Sharknado: Outfitting Based on a "Wonderfully Bad" TV Movie

There are now three things Tara Reid and I have in common: the suffering of an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in 2004 (what's colloquially referred to as a "nip slip" ), a history of behavior in our younger years (just let me fib a little here) after which the term "white girl wasted" became popularized, and now: Sharknado. 

In Sharknado, Tara Reid plays the estranged wife of Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders from the original 90210 is how you recognize that name) and after a series of unfortunate events in shark infested water, the two reunite and now we all await the sequel with bated breath.

David Hinckley at the New York Daily News called it "wonderfully bad." 

"It's absurd. It's ridiculous," he said. "And if you miss it, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

"Yes, yes, and hell yes," wrote TIME magazine's James Poniewozik, who determined the movie to be "exquisitely ridiculous." 

What does this have to do with me? Absolutely nothing. I just think sharks are pretty cool and there are 21 days per month during which I'd happily stuff myself into a wetsuit and go swimming with them. Wouldn't you? 

I bet Tara Reid thinks sharks are pretty cool now too after being cast in what was supposed to be a shitty made-for-TV movie about sharks (in a tornado, no less) which was actually fairly well received, is getting a sequel thus more work for her, and may breathe a bit of life into her career.

I also have a shark t-shirt that I like to wear a lot. I purchased this shirt for a trip I went on back in March. It was a cruise to the Bahamas, and my friends bought new preppy stripes and wore their nautical best. A giant t-shirt with a shark on it seemed more logical to me.

In honor of Sharknado's recent success (not really -- but it is the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel) I wore my cruise attire out on Friday and paired it with another wonderfully ridiculous item -- a skort. 

The great thing about a skort is that you don't have to worry about accidentally mooning anyone in a miniskirt, and thanks to the skirt part in front, that other wardrobe malfunction many women suffer from. The one named after an even-toed mammal native to the Middle East, Horn of Africa and central Asia, where your crotch eats your pants.

Shark shirts and skorts are also great conversation starters. "Cool outfit," said no guy at The General when I wore this on Friday night. "You look really great," he didn't continue.

But do you know who does like girls in giant shark shirts and skorts?

...Don't all raise your hands at once.

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  1. I like your style. Especially your hat. You look really pretty in here.

  2. everything about this outfit is amazing

    love the hat

    im just starting up mine please check it out.