February 13, 2013

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Guest Post: Rebecca Taylor, Mara Hoffman, Katya Leonovich, and... Snowstorm Nemo?

by Marlisse Silver-Sweeney

I didn’t hesitate when Niki offered up her invites to Saturday’s fashion shows, as she fangirled, I mean reported, on Sidney Crosby. I buckled up my Coach leather boots and hit the treacherously cobbled streets of the Meat Packing district in the adorably named, un-adorable snowstorm Nemo that had hit New York the night before. First stop, Rebecca Taylor.

I’m unable to add much insight to the Fall collection, other than to say I wanted everything in the entire show, including the warmer weather that comes with my favourite season. Refinery 29 does a better job. But the oxblood blazers, peplum shirts, cargo-inspired pants and leather-detailed jackets were prêt-for-me-to-porter. Immediately.

Rebecca Taylor Fall/Winter 2013

As fashionistas fought over cabs in the perilous Meat Packing, I was one brick away from a sprained ankle but managed to hail my way down to Lincoln Center just in time for Mara Hoffman.

The theme of her show was “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves.” Unless I’m in search of an immigration husband, I generally avoid tramp-inspired apparel, but Hoffman’s colourful prints and flowing dresses left me ever so excited for the upcoming resort wear opportunities of Spring Break 2013.

Mara Hoffman Fall/Winter 2013
Artsy designer Katya Leonovich didn’t have any leather emblazoned Obamas in her Fall collection, but instead opted for ethereal creations. My favourite pieces must have been designed specifically with us gingers in mind, as shades of green and gunmetal were woven throughout the silky masterpieces.

Katya Leonovich Fall/Winter 2013
Three shows, two locations, 700 puddles, 18 Fiber One bars, three hand sanitizers and zero demands to have my picture taken later, I was exhausted. Who knew fashion was so frazzling?
photos: Marlisse Silver-Sweeney.
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  1. Great guest post, thanks for this!

  2. Amazing looks! Love the one with the turtleneck peplum top and military green leather skinnies!

    Thanks for the post!


  3. Can I say I am already looking forward to fall! I love what I am seeing.
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  4. I love that outfit!!
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