January 21, 2013

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Wearing Winter Pastels

As we saw at Jil Sander, Valentino, Dior, Alexander McQueen and more, candy-coloured pastels are a big trend this winter. Sure, pastels look great on a climate controlled runway, but what about in the real world with thick tights, coats, and bitter cold?

When FASHION Magazine presented this runway-to-real world style challenge last week, I thought I would take it for a spin in the coldest, harshest, most challenging terrain I could find.

Central Park. (Yes, with a latte in hand.)

Winter pastels are so pretty and feminine, and thus I would feel like an idiot / a fat piece of cotton candy in periwinkle or powder blue. And I never wear pink -- except on Wednesdays -- so this style challenge, was a bit challenging to say the least.

I opted for dove grey and cream, and in true New York fashion, tried to cover it with black. I stomped around Central Park in gold heels and fringe (although I imagine many-a-hooker have done the same), made moose calls to get in touch with nature (you can take a girl out of Canada, eh?), but mostly, just felt like I was trying too hard to make fetch a trend happen.

blouse: H&M, skirt & necklace: Zara, shoes: Rag & Bone, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, sunglasses: Super
jacket: Zara

Winter pastels = sartorial dissatisfaction, guaranteed? That's yet to be determined. I always say, you need to try things twice (especially drugs but I'm totally kidding) before making a decision. So, stay tuned. Maybe.

photos: Emma Burdett, wingandwell.com
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  1. I LOVE your Zara skirt!!! That fringed look is beautiful. I think that skirt would look great worn to any occasion regardless of how casual of formal it was. P.S.: You're funny and have wonderful sense of humor - I thoroughly enjoyed the pics and the post.

  2. Love that skirt and I think you're totally rocking this look!

  3. Beautiful. Love the texture and peeks of color.

  4. I think you should reconsider, this trend looks pretty f-ing effortless on you! I love the last picture – you look so chic in the NYC wilderness. What a great photographer you must have... :P

  5. love the outfit! esp the skirt :)

  6. love it, cant wait til it gets warmer so we can sport this look


  7. Hello from a new fashion blogger from To. Handshake, nice to meet you ;-)
    Your skirt and boots are awesome!!

    Come by if you get a chance.


  8. I love the look, mixtures of textures colors and styles. Pulls together nicely! I am always a fan of winter pastels by the way, but everyone has their opinions.

    Keep up these great posts!