January 8, 2013

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The Hamburglar: A Spring 2013 Fashion Trend

"When did you decide to start dressing like The Hamburglar?" is what my man partner asked when I first wore these pants. And then the idea came to me: a cheeseburger heist at McDonalds, in this outfit, for this blog.

Needless to say, sadly, that sliver of creative genius did not come to fruition. But I suppose we are now given ample opportunity to talk about Spring fashion trends instead.

Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Ol' Karl at Chanel, Michael Kors, Phoebe Philo at CĂ©line, and the reinstalled eponymous Jil Sander, all sent black and white ensembles down their Spring 2013 runways, a worldwide memo, if you will, telling us that black and white is going to be a big trend this season. And that's why there will be a lot of black and white at our favourite fast fashion designer imitator, Zara, this Spring, like these pants.

sweater: Topshop, shirt: Equipment, pants: Zara, clutch: vintage
necklace: vintage
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sometimes I'm a sucker for trends. Example: florals last Spring. Sometimes I could not care less about trends. Example: wedge sneakers. I just can't with wedge sneakers, even if Isabel Marant says I should.

I like black and white (especially the way it was shown at Marc Jacobs) but honestly? I just thought these pants would be slimming.

They're not.

But perhaps the cheeseburgers are to blame.
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  1. Every time I see a fuzzy sweater, I'm reminded of the time I wore one out with some guys and they said I reminded them of a sexy ewok. So to me, you look like a sexy ewok who also enjoys stealing cheeseburgers. It's a good look.

    1. hahah I'll take it! When I first got this sweater I told my boyfriend I knitted it after a bikini wax.

      He didn't think it was funny.

    2. HA I think it's hilarious.

  2. Your sentiment on the wedge sneakers caused me to do a wide-eyed nod of agreement at my screen.

    Just discovered your blog today, love from Calgary.