December 16, 2012

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When is Enough, Enough?

It seems frivolous and shallow to carry on with the post I had planned in the wake of such a tragedy as the one that occurred this past week.

The past two days I've found myself angry with people like me. I see and hear many people tweeting and talking about the Newtown shooting. But among those tweets I see other people telling me about the top ten ties I should buy the men in my life, and how [big brand mascara] is infinitely life-changing, and showing me everything they ate, drank, and wore filtered by Instagram. (I'm guilty of it too. Yesterday I tweeted about my manicurist giving me a butt massage. Yes it happened -- both the tweet and the butt massage -- and I'm only proud of one of those things.)

I get in these weird existential moods sometimes. How are we supposed to continue living normal lives when 18 six and seven year olds were shot with an assault rifle at school on Friday?

I know I can't expect people to only talk about the shooting. I know I shouldn't be angry that people carry on with their lives and their jobs. When these things happen, that's what we have to do. But as much as I think we need to talk about things like Newtown, we can't just keep talking either.

Something needs to be done. Going to a Christmas party this weekend and sharing an "oh that was so awful" moment of morbidity over a cocktail is not enough. Why is there so much talk, but no action?

Thanks to the NRA, we've been told that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Indeed, this unfortunately effective slogan is right. It's time to limit the access that people have to guns.

In the past year, incidents of gun violence have shown us that we can't go to the movies. We can't go to our places of worship. We can't go to work. We can't even send our kids to elementary school.

I'm scared that I live in a country where gun laws are so loose. There was a shooting at the Empire State Building within weeks of my move to New York. Maybe I'm crazy, but I still think about it when I'm nearby.

Do you think anyone who saw "The Dark Knight Rises" after the Colorado shooting didn't think about what had happened at that theater? I know I had a flash of fear when I went to see it. How many parents are going to drop their kids off at school on Monday and think about what happened in Newtown? My bet is all of them.

Something needs to be done. So what are we going to do? 
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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and for posting on such an important and terribly sad topic that as you mentioned, so many have chosen to skip over.
    What happened in Newtown is unbelievably terrible. A nightmare. I cannot imagine how anyone will ever get over such a devastating loss. And i agree with you. When is enough enough? When does someone - anyone - finally take a stand against the uber loose gun laws in our country. This cannot happen again.

    Obama has to crack down.....before it's too late and another tragedy strikes.

  2. This is not about just gun control, this is about mental health. Who knows if the killer suffered from a mental illness and/or how he was brought up. My heart goes out to the Lanza family just as much as the victims. Tougher gun laws are absolutely needed but someone with a mental illness will do these things regardless if they find a gun or not.