December 3, 2012

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Monday, Revisited

I wasn't lying about my foolproof strategy for picking Monday's wears.

Although this is another Case of the Mondays, today's post is not on style to be quite honest (and judging from the look in question). Let's talk strategy. Specifically, the use of trickery.

From afar, these pants look like a classic pair of herringbone trousers.

shirt: T by Alexander Wang, pants and shoes: Zara, necklace: Stella & Dot

Surprise, motherf*ckers! They're sweatpants. With leather pockets, but sweatpants nonetheless. Elastic waist, elastic cuffs. Sweatpants. Designed and produced with a stroke of genius!

Once upon a time, I worked at a restaurant. Well, unfortunately, it was twice upon a time. One summer I worked as a hostess, another summer I worked as a server at a tacky chain restaurant renowned for its attractive staff. (I got the job through a friend, and yes I hated every second of it.)
Although no pieces of flair were required other than a thick skin (or low self-esteem), a primarily black wardrobe was. Many of the girls I worked with would wear black Lululemon yoga pants with a top long enough to cover the logo (which is typically located in place of a tramp stamp) and a pair of heels, in an effort to be comfortable and avoid hefty dry-cleaning bills.

This is not good trickery. 
Wearing yoga pants as dress pants doesn't work. Wearing normal pants that fit like sweatpants does work. Without getting too technical and pretending that I know what I'm talking about, it's a matter of material. Luon = no. Herringbone = yes. Yes!

Vancouver, are you still listening to me?

Herringbone trousers are $60 at Zara.
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  1. I feel like you need to post the "Luon = no" all over the internet, just in case. 'Cause seriously? Luon = no. (And yet... I'll walk out the door here in Vancouver and... Luon.)

  2. I'm in Vancouver and definitely listening to you, and living vicariously through you as well. Oh, to live in NYC! Love your style and sense of humour!


  3. Hey I'm really enjoying your blog :) I just posted about 'getting away with comfies at work' and this really does the trick (see my suggestion on my post called "Fake It")

    I have to see if these are available at Zara in Canada!

  4. Those pants are the best idea EVER!

    PS I'm in Vancouver and listening ;)

  5. Haha! I just found your blog, and already I love it! Great advice and style with a sense of humour! I'm definitely a new follower! LOVE IT!


  6. Great post! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

  7. I wish all girls could just wear yoga pants or sweet pants. They would be so much happier being comfortable. They would stop yelling at me so much.

  8. I'd bet money you worked at Cactus club!!!