December 6, 2012

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Look at this Instagram

I love Instagram, so naturally when I'm short on time for posts, I find less time-consuming ways to be narcissistic. (I'm @AHauteMess.)

The end of the semester is nearing, so this week has been late nights at school (4 AM last night, new record!), and trekking to Far Rockaway and beyond to conduct interviews and report stories, like the one I'm working on about animal rescue after Hurricane Sandy -- hence the plethora of animals pictured below.
I'm obsessed with those puppies! They're at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, and will be up for adoption very soon. They are the best, and their mom is the sweetest dog too. It breaks my heart that I'm almost done my story and won't be able to see them again! (I know, I'm a terrible journalist and have gotten far too attached to my sources.)

Oh, and the dog wearing silver moonboots is not a victim of Sandy. But perhaps should be rescued?

And while on the topic of Instagram, if you haven't seen this College Humour parody, you must. Don't we all take cute selfies in the same place where we poop?

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  1. WANT those leopard print booties and all of those puppies!

  2. that videos hilarious. great post!! i have a new post up, i'd really love your opinion!

  3. Holy shit, those puppies!!