November 28, 2012

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Wearing Layers. Under Layers. On Layers.

So, sometimes it snows in New York. In fact, it's the end of November and it's already snowed twice. Twice! Do you know what we would call that in Vancouver? An entire winter! [Read that all in Jerry Seinfeld's voice.]

Yesterday was the second time it has snowed in New York this Fall. It's not that I don't like the snow (I do, actually) it's just that I don't know what to do with it. I actually don't know what to do with weather this cold in general. Not mentally, nor sartorially.

Does this sound familiar? It might, since a few months ago, I was complaining about how boob-sweat hot it was in this city, questioning if I would ever feel cool again, and now, I'm freezing said tits off.

Yet, I'm still often wearing one of my pathetic Vancouver "winter coats" (although not for much longer). It's a fairly light, cotton parka, lined with only flannel. But I've managed to make it work so far by layering everything else in my wardrobe. Which (finally) brings me to this post, a casual Wednesday in chilly Manhattan, sporting an #ootd (acronym: outfit of the day, as used on those social networks where we talk more about ourselves than to each other. Guilty!)
See this? It's coat, on vest, on jacket, on t-shirt: an orgy of tops, if you will, or, a big gay nightmare (ba doom chhh). 
jacket: Evil Twin, bag: Zara, vest: Club Monaco, tee: vintage, boots: Senso
skirt: Blank Denim (pictured better in this post), jacket: H&M, necklace: vintage
See? Layers! As always, they're the answer to everything. Too cold outside? Layers. Not enough flavour in your gum? Layers. Why is ice cream cake so delicious? Layers. What does a ogre have? Layers.

I don't know, guys. Just go with it.
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  1. You're hilarious!

    My one (stodgily practical) complaint about layering is that I get hot/cold easily going from indoors to outdoors, and if I'm depending on a lot of layers for temperature control it can take ages to bundle myself up and doff things off.

  2. I wear a million layers though out the winter. I do a tank, blouse, sweater, vest, and jacket. I'm thinking about just buying a Canadian Goose coat (not the douschy kinds, the like full length ridiculously warm kind), because it's the only coat I will really want when it comes to be real winter!

  3. As a former west coaster who still doesn't understand winter after 8 years, layers are something I swear by to stay warm - 3 sweaters, a scarf, and more is never too much! I think you are rocking this winter chic look!

    Kate xo

  4. I would complain about the cold, but it never gets that cold here in So-Cal where I'm at. I love reading Canadian/NY bloggers because it's almost like living vicariously. I live in scarves pretty much year-round. I'm pretty pussy when it comes to cold weather, so anything below 75 degrees, and I'll be layering!! I'm pretty sure your coat 'pathetic winter coat' would do very well in our 'pathetic winter season'! In case you ever think about donating it, hit me up! Haha.

    Found your blog via surfing. Digging it! Will definitely be surfing/commenting through more!