November 17, 2012

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NYLON Guys Magazine x ASOS: #BeACreator Party

ERMAGHERD. Fashun perty!

NYLON Guys Magazine and ASOS threw a fun shindig at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg last night to celebrate the magazine's new issue and the launch of ASOS Menswear's #BeACreator campaign.

I too was there celebrating, as was Bryan Boy, a typical group of fashion kids and socialites, and a gaggle of ASOS' ridiculously good looking male models who dominated the step-and-repeat with a gasoline fight and orange mocha frappucinos for much of the night. (True story.) Meanwhile, DJ Jesse Marco was spinning some awesome beats that I half-danced to while juggling Moscow Mules. (More of a true story.)
jacket & skirt: Zara, top: Erin Kleinberg, bag: House of Harlow 1960
  Fun times are always had when blue velvet shoes are worn. So velvety! So blue! So fun! Shoes: Penelope Chilvers

Nevertheless, I'm going to tell you a secret about these types of events.

People at them spend about 90 percent of the time on their phones; all of the "fun" being had is tweeted, instagrammed, and facebooked. So if you're not there, you suffer a mean case of FOMO, and you're under the impression that there is something super awesome and glamorous taking place where you are not. 

In reality, when so much is being live everythinged, what is really taking place is a whole lot of nothing: it's just a room full of people with small screens in hand. Real conversations are rare, and thus you rarely meet anyone new.

Now to the point. This party was fun because for the most part, people were socializing. Real, in person, human interaction! It was a welcome surprise, and serves as a friendly reminder to us all that life happens offline

So on that note I must give props to NYLON Guys, ASOS, and the team at People's Revolution for pulling off a good one. Thanks for having me.

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  1. love those boots, the events sound cool, must get of my a** and go to fashion events!

  2. I love asos!! I couldn't even imagine being around the male models hahah! Love the shoes & your blog!


  3. That is so funny to hear! People are so busy trying to show the online world that they're at this totally cool party / event that they're not even able to enjoy the event properly because they're looking at their phones the whole time! I'm almost not even surprised ...

    At least you had a good time at this one though :)