November 8, 2012

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Karlie Kloss vs. Gwen Stefani: Who Wore it Best?

Usually a feature like this would pose two celebrities: one dress against each other, or in the case of this blog, me, unfortunately, however this one is a little different. Because today kids, this post is brought to you by the letter "R" and the number "2 dumb 2 know better."
Thus, I present: RACISM! as seen on Gwen Stefani and on model Karlie Kloss. Who wore RACISM! best?
Do you vote for Gwen, as pictured in her (now retracted) music video for "Looking Hot?"

Or for Karlie's RACISM!, to be seen in the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

I don't know guys, this is a tough one. It seems we are being told that sexy racism makes racism acceptable. Although my feeble millennial brain and its need for entertainment is still having a tough time computing this one.

And Gwen did apologize for her video, and I would bet that Victoria's Secret will too once the show airs and the backlash whips them like Willow Smith's hair. But still, the question: who wore RACISM! best?

Wait. No, I figured it out. They both lose.

***UPDATE: Called it!

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  1. I'm just SHOCKED that VSFW would go through with that after the backlash of No Doubt's video. I find it really interesting that it could possibly be okay in one case and not the other.

  2. I vote for Gwen since she probably had more say than Karlie as to what she wore. Either way, fashion fail for both VSFW and No Doubt.

  3. They both look nice and I don't think they are racist just because they dressed up in Native American attire. I think more-so with the No Doubt video it was more offensive because it showed her, as I white woman, dressed up as an Indian being captured and objectified by white men with guns. That's just wrong on so many other levels...but sometimes fashion is influenced by other cultures like African tribal prints and I don't think it's fair to call someone racist for that, but I am surprised that VS decided to stick with the costume so closely after the ND incident.

  4. Wait a second. What about the Mohawk earings ou feature in the newer post? Isn't that the same kind of thing?

    1. No, because the issue goes a lot deeper than calling something "mohawk." The issue is about dressing up in costume in an item that is very sacred in another culture -- made far worse by the half-nakedness of it all. Imagine if Victoria's Secret sent her down the runway in a bra, panties, and a hijab. They would never, right? Because it would be suuuuper offensive. And what they did is basically the same thing.

  5. I bet they did this just to create media attention.