November 4, 2012

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ALDO Shoes x FLARE Magazine: Back with Another Awesome Collabo

FLARE Magazine and ALDO have joined forces for a second time on a capsule collection designed for the shoe retailer by the magazine's fashion director, Elizabeth Cabral. Before we get to that, let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

This is me, photographed for VOGUE Paris, in New York City last Fall. (You guessed it: the reason for providing historical context is almost purely narcissistic.) As you can see from the photo, not only am I seductively strangely tickling my own earlobes and mouth-breathing, but I'm also wearing the first of the footwear collaborations.
As you can see by the close-up on my unpedicured, ogre-like feet below, these shoes are a culmination of all of the fashion and footwear trends at that time: a wedged heel, neon, serpent, and strappy black leather. 

A year later, they are still a great pick among many newer, trendier items, because that's what clever design gets you: something that hits the trend nail on the head, but won't be totally dated when those trends pass like last night's dinner.

Which brings me to this year's collaboration. Like Britney Spears, Cabral did it again. And this time, she's given us two shoes -- the "Day Shootie" (left) and the "Evening Bootie" (right) -- and a handbag too. The Day Shootie is perfect for those of us that bleed for oxblood, and the Evening Bootie is Downton Abbey fast-forwarded to 2012 -- and you know you love the detail of those little buttons.

This collection is available at select ALDO Shoes locations across Canada. 'Merica, we can't get our hands on these babies, but maybe our neighbors to the north will kindly send them our way. Hintedy-hint hint.
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  1. I'm obsessed with the Day Shootie - the colour is fantastic! If only they had them in Ottawa...

  2. I sooo want the day shootie ! And they carry them in Montreal, hurray !
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  3. So cute, I love the ones your wearing!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  4. I love the evening booties...the peep toe is great especially for all those holiday parties coming up!

  5. this actually enticed me to venture out in the rain this week and see if there are any tranny sized shooties left at the Robson location! xoMadison Blake

  6. I love the contrast of the colors!
    White is easy to the eye, dark-shaded blue jeggings and a whooping brightly orange-colored sandals is too much treat! LOL!
    but suprisingly they all look so good! I am afraid to try those colors because some might say that you are a 'fashion victim', but now I know how to. :P


  7. What a fabulously stylish outfit. The colors, the structure, it all works.