October 29, 2012

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Hurricane Sandy takes New York

Sandy takes Brooklyn. Photo via the New York Daily News live blog.

Hurricane Sandy is here! In a strange way, I'm really excited for this. As a bona fide West Coaster, I have never experienced a hurricane before and as long as no one gets hurt... bring it ON, Sandy!

From my experience, so far:
  • The subways and other mass transit stopped running last evening at 7 pm.
  • All schools in the area are closed today and tomorrow.
  • I went grocery shopping yesterday to stock up on food and other essentials (like wine, chocolate, candy, and chips) and there were line-ups outside of grocery stores and staff/grocery store bouncers letting people in. I waited in line for an hour to pay for my food, and every store in the area that I went to (on the Upper West Side) was equally insane.
  • There is seemingly a shortage of bottled still water, AA batteries, and flashlights. Good thing New Yorkers like Perrier and Voluspa candles.
  • The wind is starting to pick up and is howling outside. The rain isn't too bad yet, on the Upper West Side, but other parts of the city are severely flooded and the evacuations started yesterday. From what Floridians say, we should expect it to get much worse, along with lightening, thunder, and various other things that might scare me into pooping my pants.
  • We are expecting power outages in the next few hours. My phone and computer have been plugged in all day, so here's hoping I'm able to stay in touch and catch up on Gossip Girl.
  • I'm warm and safe. I've got wine and my Snuggie, so... so far so good.
I'll continue to post updates as they happen (Twitter: @AHauteMess) but know that I am in an apartment fortress and staying warm with an elevated blood alcohol level and a blanket with sleeves. For real, on the ground reporting, check out my Columbia colleagues' coverage on The New York Current.

Stay warm, and stay safe my friends. Love you long time.

POST SANDY UPDATE: I shot some video footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. This is raw and unedited footage, so pardon the length and... well, uneditedness of it. I thought I would share it so you could see a bit of the damage done around the city. This isn't even that bad, considering the insane flooding in Brooklyn and downtown, and the thousands of people without power.

30 October 2012 - New York, NY - The damage done by Superstorm Sandy around Murray Hill, including a windblown telephone booth, fallen trees and branches, sandbagged buildings, emergency response units at Bellevue and NYU hospitals, and debris. Footage was shot between 29th and 34th streets, and the FDR up to 2nd Avenue.

Remember payphones? Sandy just made them extinct. Shot on 34th Street and 1st Avenue.

ps. I will never take my Hunter Boots for granted again.
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  1. Good luck during the storm!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  2. Good Luck! Stay Safe and dry!!


  3. it sounds like a mess but as long as everryone is safe its ok

  4. it sounds like a big mess in the city, but i hope everyone is ok

  5. OMG i hope there is gonna be ok and fine, be safe

    and by the way I also follow your blog on Bloglovin, come visit my blog and see if you like it... you can follow me too and stay in touch ;)

    Herdiana Surachman