July 9, 2012

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Zara Denim, A Muscle Tank, and Other Ramblings

I received a lot of good feedback re: the unfortunate tale of man-mockery I posted last week (thank you!) and I'm glad you too are able to laugh at my misfortune. It's inspired me to share more embarrassing tales, since you enjoy them and I do enjoy writing a good short story. As you know by now, there are no qualms here about humor at my own expense, because I firmly believe that if you can't laugh at yourself... well, you're probably kind of a dink.
That being said, who wants to hear about the time I got my first period and thought my insides were coming out my butt? Just kidding. I'll save that one for my book.
 tank: Daydreamer LA, shorts: Zara (currently on sale!), shoes: Ash, necklace: Bleeker Spike Necklace, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, sunnies: Westward Leaning

Before you digest that by way of mental visual, let's move on! Please forgive me, it's been a few days since my last post. It's been so nice out that I've been cutting down time spent on my computer, and most of my outfits in the time since have consisted of swimwear, and I pinky swear and cross my heart that this will never be a blog that posts gratuitous bikini shots. Trust me, it would be horrifying for all of us, and I'd like you to keep coming back here.
(Side note: Does anyone else think it's strange that bikinis are completely acceptable, yet we would be offended by someone wearing just their underwear in public? I say we bring back old-fashioned swimming costumes and cover up like we did in the good ol' days. We'd see an increase in human decency and I bet we would see a decrease in the development of melanoma too. Holy shit, I just cured cancer.)
 L-R: H&M, Rebecca Minkoff leather, Stella & Dot, DIY (based on these), and a gift.

Aside from recent partial nudity, these cut-offs have also been high on the list of repeat offenses. I wore this specific outfit on Saturday, which included a booze boat cruise around Vancouver (photos below) and out that night. So unlike my last post, this outfit has a story, but nothing traumatizing -- except for the comment I made to a doctor that "pediatrics is a license to bang chicks" and he thought I was talking about child molesting and I was referring to girls liking guys that like babies. His fault.

Anyway, I imagine your growing discomfort as this post continues so I'll stop while I'm ahead. If you're in Vancouver, or you're planning to visit, you must get yourself out on the water this summer. Do a boat cruise from Granville Island around English Bay, go kayaking on False Creek if an upper body workout is your thing, or pop a flask and a sandwich into your purse for a romantic dinner on the Aquabus. The options are endless, and it is an awesome way to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
 bracelets: DIY (based on these), Stella & Dot, rings: ASOS

What are your favourite ways to enjoy your city? Playing tourist in your home town? Hookers, drugs, and debauchery?
I hope your weeks are off to a marvelous start! If not, this is awkward... but OMG only 4 more days until Friday, woo! 
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  1. haha I'm cracking up over here - love the Dr. comment! Totally agree that Van is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I visited my sister there last summer and fell in love!

    fashionable footprints

  2. Nothing like Vancouver in the summer time! I appreciate your blatant honesty.... something I find is lacking in the world of glossy blogs. It's refreshing! Also, digging your layered jewelry.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  3. LOL you're hilarious, and I love the photo of you and Ted attempting the "Jack and Rose" manoeuvre.

    The boy and I have been enjoying the free outdoor dance events at Robson Square: ballroom and swing on Friday, salsa on Sunday.

  4. Great pictures, I'm loving the titanic pose! I love your whole outfit, especially the bag and jewellery :) xx

  5. Lovely pics! I love your shoes!


  6. I like the rock feel to this outfit!




  8. Great pics, love the pop of neon and all your accessories!
    love your blog!

  9. Niki, I thought u don't embarrass easily - we (me & ur followers) want to see ALL your outfits, including bikini shots! You are a very stunningly beautiful girl &since you are known for being one if a few bloggers who is known for posting beautiful photos AND photos that other pretentious bloggers don't post (such as hilarious ones of u making hilarious faces,
    I think I'd help inspire a lot of us women to be comfortable with how we look in a bikini, imperfections and all. Plus you are so beautiful anyways!

  10. What beautiful pictures of Vancouver!