July 13, 2012

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The Leather Skirt was a Bad Choice

I've never been a practical dresser. I've grown up in a temperate rainforest, yet refuse to avoid suede (or carry an umbrella, for that matter) and I'm the first to stop wearing tights come Spring and the last to give in to a warm wool coat come winter. And I know many of you are like this too. But we need to accept that there are limits to our disregard for seasonally appropriate clothing.

There are reasons why certain items of clothing or types of materials aren't to be worn during specific seasons. We generally don't wear linen come Fall because it's a light, breezy, screams-summery fabric and furthermore, it wrinkles! We can't layer to stay warm without looking like a Sharpey, or Hugh Hefner's balls (sorry, I couldn't think of a better simile).

vest: Silence & Noise, tank: DIY, skirt: Blank Denim, bag: Juicy Couture (old skool), sunnies: Super Sunglasses

That being said, there are also Fall fabrics we should think about avoiding come summer, like leather. Have you ever tried to wear a tight leather skirt in the middle of July? Related: have you ever heard the term "swass"? It's a mash-up, if you will, of sweaty-ass. Swass is why you don't wear a leather skirt in the middle of July. Swass is what makes that leather skirt feel smaller and smaller as the day goes on, with every bead of it trickling down your buttcrack. Swass is what drives up our dry-cleaning bills with necessity after every wear. Swass, above all, is not our friend.

 necklaces: vintage, Bleeker Spike Necklace
shoes: Alexander Wang

But do you know what Swass is, aside from uncomfortable and hilarious? It's infinitely problematic, because even if we baby powder our butts (like boys do to their crotches), we're faced with the problem of a stinky baby powdered butt, white powder all over our clothing, and worst of all, dusty farts. We're fighting a losing battle, my friends.

The point of all this talk? As per usual... that's hard to decipher. I mean, I wore this outfit and had a sweaty butt because it was hotter than the devil's diarrhea outside, am still all over that muscle tank I made in my last post and want you to go make right meow, and uh, I guess that's about it.

When I wear leather in July

But do you know what else I did recently that made my ass all sweaty? I interviewed Mark Salling and Shenae Grimes yesterday at the Express store opening in Vancouver yesterday. More on this soon.

Happy Friday y'alls! See ya on Monz.

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  1. that necklace is stunning!!! and im a fan of almost any vest - looks great :) I cant wait to hear about your interview!
    xxx emma


  2. hahaha thanks for the laugh this Friday! Swass aside, this is a great look on you!
    xo K

  3. On the plus side, at least you didn't have a "Ross's leather pants" situation where you went to the bathroom and couldn't put your leather garment back on! So much worse than swass.

  4. Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh! I love the shirt with the skirt though!


  5. You look fabulous and those shoes are beyond gorgeous!!

  6. Swass aside, those shoes! I'm having a hard time wearing anything with sleeves this summer, I have one pit in particular that just pours sweat. It's tough to look chic during a heat wave.

    Wing and Well

  7. and that's not helped by the fact that they stop selling weather appropriate clothes about a month into the season!! x