July 18, 2012

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Florals, Military, and a Love Note

 jacket, shoes & yellow necklace: Zara, tank: Daydreamer LA, shorts: findersKeepers, bracelets: DIY (similar via ASOS), Stella & Dot, other necklace & clutch: vintage

This is one of the last posts I'll be doing from Vancouver, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it already. I'm moving to New York on Monday night, as I begin my program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism on August 1st. I'm excited, nervous, and mostly in need of an adult diaper because this move is scaring the shit out of me. 

I feel like I should be more excited about it because many people dream of moving to New York City, and don't get me wrong: I am. And I am beyond excited about school; I can't wait to get started. But having spent a few months in New York last year, I have a renewed appreciation for the city I call home and the lifestyle we have here on the West Coast. 

I love waking up and seeing both the water and the mountains, and can be on the beach, atop a ski hill (weather and seasons permitting), or in the middle of the downtown hustle, generally within 20 minutes from any location in the city. Although it rains more than I'd like, when it doesn't, it's the most beautiful place in the world. And I'll take rain over hurricanes, tornados, or (gasp!) snow, any day.

I love the fresh air we have here. I love that we value a healthy lifestyle here -- surviving on coffee and cigarettes on the West Coast doesn't make you any cooler, and neither does working 12-hour days without time to appreciate the other things in life. And I love the people here. There are always complaints about dating in Vancouver, and unfriendly people in Vancouver, but guess what? Dating is tough everywhere, and I firmly believe that anyone deems Vancouver unfriendly has not tried to enjoy a quiet coffee alone before.
Anyway, before this post asks for a tampon, I'll stop. I'll admit that I'm feeling a little down, because I'm going to miss this place and all the people in it. That being said, it's time for a new adventure! By reading this blog until now, you've all helped me discover my passion and have given me the courage to pursue it further. I hope you continue to join me on this journey. 


PS. In fashion news, Happy Birthday Crocs! Has it been 10 years of terrible and situationally inappropriate footwear already?
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  2. Niki,

    Definitely know how you feel! I just wrote about my experience from moving away from home: http://kylacorpuz.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/a-year-in-a-nutshell-or-blog-post-whatever/ ...

    I think the whole 'feeling like you're gonna shit yourself' is normal before any big move!

    Wishing you the best on your new chapter in life! Journalism is a great field to get into. If I'm ever in NYC, maybe we can meet up! So glad I got to meet you a couple of summers ago when you witnessed my great fall down the Leone stair case. Haha!


  3. Good luck with everything in NY, im so excited and happy for you! I know you'll miss it here, but NY is such an experience! I love this outfit too, great mix of styles. I cant wait to see how you tackel NY!! Ps where did you get your sunnies from???

    back alleys and boulevards

  4. Good luck on your new adventure! I think that this move will bring so much more to your career than Vancouver would ever be able to and you will be so happy for having done it. And it's always here to visit!!

  5. You're going to love NY. There are so many sartorial WTF moments every day there to delight you!

  6. We'll be kind and welcoming here in the Big Apple. I'm so excited for you Niki. And the best part, when you're done, you can always go back to Vancouver if you'd like (and for that I am totally jealous!!!)

    Have a safe trip and let's grab drinks when you get here! xoxo

  7. Congratulations on your new adventure! Someone I went to law school with is actually going to be in the same program at Columbia with you... too funny. It's always hard to leave a place but I wish you all the best :)

    xo, alison*elle

  8. Wow congrats on your big move! That's very brave to move so far to pursue your dream, but ultimately will be worth it :) Besides, you can always visit during school breaks, which coincidentally are in the best times of Vancouver weather - summer beach time and winter skiing!

  9. I know how you feel! I just moved to NYC from Victoria BC and its been a weird yet amazing transition. You will love it though and home is just a plane ride away! Good Luck!

  10. Good luck in New York! I'm sure you'll always miss Vancouver and have a piece of it in your heart but you'll be having such a great time in your new home that it'll all soon be a blur. :) Just make sure you keep up with the Canucks and your BF Kevin Bieksa, mmkay?

  11. Good luck in New York! I'm sure you'll always miss Vancouver and have a piece of it in your heart but you'll be having such a great time in your new home that it'll all soon be a blur. :) Just make sure you keep up with the Canucks and your BF Kevin Bieksa, mmkay?

  12. love the combo : floral and militar jacket

  13. o m g AMAZING !!!!!! Trust me, if you haven't already, you will head over heels in love with NEW YORK!!!!! I can give you tips on anything let me know :) Also, you'll definitely get your taste of Vancouver and Canada. There are a ton of Canadian meetup groups, and even Canadian bars to watch hockey in :)

  14. Hey Niki!

    I just stumbled on your blog and found it a very interesting read! Enjoyed your post on moving to New York and my alma mater, Columbia U. where I did graduate school (don't ask me what year!!). Anyway, they were the two most exciting years of my life!

    Best of luck and have fun!


  15. I like the color mix, its very beautiful :o)

  16. You are moving to New York and you are complaining! Girl you are going to have the time of your life!! PREPARE. My daughter and I are going to New York for fashion night out. Only 4 days We can't wait!

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  18. I must admit I'm (selfish) quite sad! I have only recently discovered your blog and have been so delighted to see some local fashion inspiration, particularly in the midst of our utilitarian, Gortex-is-formalwear city. And particularly since said inspiration comes delivered in refreshingly offside packaging. And now you're leaving.
    Enjoy NYC, the awe-inducing landscape will still be here upon return.

  19. i miss your face already! but i'll see you soon enough!

  20. Love the shirt!! It's so cute. I must admit, this is too casual for my taste 9I'm always in dresses..lol), but u look great of course, nice post :-).
    Check out my blog, I'd appreciate more follows if you haven't followed me already :-)

  21. I just randomly found this blog and am compelled to comment. This post struck me because I know exactly what you mean re. love for Vancouver! I live in Toronto but had the fortune of living in Van for a year recently and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it. The city is a heart breaker to those who leave it, but you have an amazing opportunity in NYC and Van will always be there! Good for you for pursuing your dream! NYC is an awesome place (in different ways than Van) and as you settle in there you will discover a special love for that city as well! Good luck!