June 11, 2012

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More on Lainey Gossip's 1st Vancouver SMUT Soiree

Last week, I attended Lainey Gossip's first Vancouver SMUT Soiree, and to say that my mind was blown by the dirt that was dished would be an understatement. Click here to read my coverage for FASHION Magazine.

Lainey Gossip is basically the only celebrity gossip blog I read, and on top of that, it's actually one of the only blogs, in general, that I read regularly. I'm not trying to sound like a blogger b-hole, I mean I actually read read it, as in it's very content heavy and as fashion blog readers we tend to look at photos and skip over text (but no one does that here, right?). Anyway, I was very excited to meet her -- and her co-host Dan Levy! -- and tell her that her blog is my lunchtime ritual (I did this and she feigned polite enthusiasm although I imagine she was probably a bit creeped out.)

 L-R: eTalk correspondent and LaineyGossip.com's Elaine "Lainey" Lui, Nerd, TV Host-slash-Actor Dan Levy

The SMUT Soiree is a cocktail party and panel discussion, and the gossip flying around the room would make even John Travolta's buttcheeks blush. I didn't include a lot of it (well, most of it) in my event coverage because of the sheer smuttiness of it, and FASHION is a classy publication. Well friends, if there's one thing we know about A Haute Mess it's that it's not a classy publication, goddamnit, so let me indulge you with...

The Top 10 Things I Learned at the SMUT Soiree*

1. Don't make bathroom chit chat with Scarlett Johansson, who it would seem has a disdain for ladies room camaraderie. She's apparently responded to a fellow bathroom-goer (this was at a high-profile awards show, so it was most likely one of her peers) with something along the lines of, "what, am I supposed to say something nice to you now?" after being complimented on her outfit.

2. Tom Hardy > Ryan Gosling. Lainey attends a lot of press junkets and interviews a lot of celebrities, so of course, the question, "is Ryan Gosling the hottest person you have ever seen?" was asked by an audience member. "My husband is," she answered, diplomatically. "Followed by Tom Hardy."

3. Julia Roberts takes her coffee one way, and one way only. When the question: "who is the 'most difficult' woman in Hollywood?" was asked, a story was told about Julia Roberts and the specific mug she takes her coffee in, and what happens when it's served to her in something other.

4. Miley Cyrus likes to get weird. Weirder than smoking salvia on YouTube, which is apparently the most innocent of the trouble Miley Cyrus gets herself into. "She's crazy."

5. Miley Cyrus's engagement to Liam Hemsworth has nothing to do with a shotgun wedding. "She's not pregnant... but I'm not saying she's never been pregnant." Oh boy.

6. Women (maybe just gossipy women in Vancouver) have a fascination with knowing which celebrities are secretly gay. In fact, most of the questions the audience had for Lainey and Dan were, "is [insert celebrity here] gay?" Not gay: Jeremy Renner (when he was filming Mission Impossible in Vancouver, he apparently hooked up with at least 3 women, one of which he picked up at Library Square, hashtag barf) and Jake Gyllenhaal (sorry fellas). 

7. George Clooney is more than just a ladies man... if you catch my drift.

8. There's no winning with Kristen Stewart. Dan Levy once got in a Twitter-battle with Kristen Stewart. She was rude to his ex-co-host in an interview, and he was upset and called K-Stew a B on TV. So she tweeted about it. And he apologized. And she tweeted about it again saying that his apology was weak and he should've stuck to his original point. "There's no winning with Kristen Stewart."

9. Twilight fans are actually insane. Both hosts admittedly receive the most hate mail from Twihards, disgruntled at any post or comment about the stars that isn't one-hundred percent complimentary. And it's all sorts of crazy, like "I hope you f--king die!"-crazy.

10. Celebrity gossip is so weird. It's also funny and entertaining, but really, why do we even care? On that note, this is why I endorse reading LaineyGossip.com because it includes all of the fun and entertaining aspects of celebrity gossip, but it's also well written and insightful, and a good source for movie and television reviews.

Oh yeah, This is what I wore:

jacket: BB Dakota, top: H&M, skirt: Zara, shoes: Zara, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, jewelry: Zara, Stella & Dot

To see more photos from Lainey Gossip's Vancouver SMUT Soiree that weren't taken on an iPhone, click here. Toronto’s 7th Annual SMUT Soiree is on Monday, June 25 at Evergreen Brick Works.

*Slander and defamation are not intended: this is gossip, based on rumor and hearsay. So don't sue me, okay?

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  1. This was a pure delight (including the hastag barf about regarding J Renner).

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. ...I really enjoyed reading this! ...I actually find myself doing the same for most blogs especially when they have over sized amazing photos. I just skip over the content and dive into the photos. I actually designed my blog with that reason in mind. So that people wont feel obligated to read content lol.

    Sounds like you had a ton of fun! =] The stars sound weird.

  3. Ohmigosh - 3 of my most favorite internet peeps in ONE photo (you, lainey and dan!). How I wish I could have been there!

    xx Atlas Grace

  4. Usually I just enjoy your outfits (and witty writing). But celebrity gossip gets me excited! Oh, and Tom Hardy wins at everything. The man is so beautiful.

  5. Thanks for summarizing and posting this. I had SUCH a good time. Loved Lainey's neon heels.

  6. Okay now i'm pumped for the Toronto edition. And I LOVE your bag.

  7. Great post, but just one correction, Kristen Stewart doesn't have a twitter page. So Dan got into a fight with a fake Kristen Stewart twitter account.