June 22, 2012

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Confessions of a Repeat Offender

Do you ever go through phases with clothing, where you can't stop wearing the same item? Like when you have a favourite song so you keep playing it on repeat? I do this. Most recently, with this Club Monaco vest. And with One Direction. (Don't judge me.)

I'm a textbook repeat offender. Which is one reason why I don't do style posts everyday, because you'd A. get bored, and B. question my laundry habits, and neither are things I want for us. And like One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful (surprise! I was serious about that) the items below are totally my jam right now.

Why, you ask? Sunglasses that completely cover the horror of morning face are awesome, especially when they have reflective lenses as such so it's easy to stare at people like a weirdo and not get caught.

Three rings, on three fingers! It's the better version of a knuckle duster, because you can still type, do jazz hands, and go to the bathroom, no problem.

A denim shirt is the holy grail of button downs; it's the perfect white tee in the world of casual collars, and Texas. But hold on to your hats, cowboys, because the only thing better than a comfy chambray shirt, is one with tropical polyester sleeves, like this: the shirt version of Tom Selleck's career: a little Western, a bit Hawaii 5-O. You get it.

Puh-lease. It's a fringed skirt. Need I say more?

Ah yes, the boots! They're not expensive, high, or uncomfortable, so... they cool. And I bet you've never seen this bag before. Heh. #Sarcasm.
sunglasses: Westward Leaning, shirt & skirt: Zara, shoes: ASOS, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, gold rings: ASOS

Have a good weekend, err'body!

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  1. Your writing style is hilarious, love it! And yes, I am going through this phase right this moment with those breezy tees and knits from Club Monaco. Repeat offenders unit! haha

  2. Awesome skirt, if I owned that I think I would repeatedly wear it as well!

    The Urban Umbrella



  3. Ha, you're hilarious! Especially with that animated fringe skirt gif.

    I only do sporadic outfit posts for the same reason. That and I usually can't get my sh*t together and have a photo taken of my outfit.

  4. Omg, I love your sense of humor! That top is so chic, and I love the outfit! http://www.natalyascloset.com/

  5. Ohh Zara is having a sale right now! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

  6. I thought I was the only mid-twenty something who secretly listened to One Direction!
    Love this look!

  7. Cool skirt! I have a fringe skirt that I should wear again.


  8. I totally get how you feel! I have two striped shirts that I'm sure have my friends thinking if I own more than a few shirts.

  9. hey great blog! check mine out www.thechic-closet.blogspot.ca