May 18, 2012

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There's Something About Mary Katrantzou (at The Room)

Last week, Mary Katrantzou graced Vancouver for a preview of her Fall 2012 collection, at The Hudson's Bay Company's The Room. Naturally, when the invitation came through my e-mail that I could meet one of my favourite designers, I screamed, peed a little, and then had to decide what to wear that would accommodate an adult diaper.

And I came up with this. Are you disappointed? A bit, I'm sure. But what do you do if you're to meet the most printastic person in the history of the last few years? You wear neutrals. Because no print you wear, unless it's Mary Katrantzou (which many a richer person wore), is worthy of Mary Katrantzou. (Oh and yes, room for said adult diaper.)

photo c/o Lisa Wong
But let's get to the good stuff, shall we? Do you want some gossip about Mary Katrantzou? DO you?! Well, Mary Katrantzou is such a... gem! No, I'm not just a crazy fan girl although the photo below might indicate otherwise, but she is very, very nice. She was very polite, very friendly, and very accommodating to everyone that came to see her. She was swarmed by people at every moment -- everyone was trying to get a word in with her, and she took the time to meet everyone, make individual introductions, shake hands, snap pictures, and have a laugh.

photo c/o Olivia Lovenmark
If you want to see more photos from the event, like the beautifully decked out space at The Room, fancy party-goers, and more Mary, click here!

sweater: Vero Moda (similar currently at H&M) shorts: Zara, shoes: Stuart Weitzman,
bag: House of Harlow 1960, sunglasses: Super, necklace: Forever21,
bracelets: Noir Jewelry, Stella & Dot.

Well kids, it's a long weekend up here in Canada, eh! I'm hoping to relax a bit after a long week, but still have so many unchecked boxes on my pre-move to-do list. Like... oh, you know, figure out where I'm going to live and try and track down some tuition money. (On that note, does anyone want to give me some? I mean a scholarship! Not charity. "Scholarship.") 

I digress. Enjoy the long weekend, my fellow Canucks! Comment or tweet me if you're doing something awesome. And my American friends -- you'll get yours next weekend. Comment or tweet me a schedule of American long weekends that differ from Canada's so I can learn them. That's right, you get homework. Ok? Bye!
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  1. Love the shoes! What are you planning to take in school? I'd love to know :)

  2. I love the outfit, and totally agree about the neutrals thing. If you don't have access to every single item of clothing in the entire world and can choose a print and fabric regardless of price (and be sure it's timeless, since obviously you want to frame every picture taken with an idol) it's great to go with a gorgeous neutral outfit. You've styled it perfectly and I'm sure she loved it! :)

    The SkinnyBlondeGirl Blog – Fashion + Beauty + Style

  3. I love the bright clutch and of course your fab shoes:)

  4. I love your outfit! And you're right, there's no point in wearing a print to meet the print master!

  5. Looks like a great event! I like that blue clutch!

  6. Eeek! A fellow Canadian! So glad I found your blog. I love Mary Katrantzou - her prints are always amaaaazing. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend (ours isn't till next weekend here in NYC so I was tres jealous of all my Canucks!).

    xx Nia

  7. hello!!!

    you do look lovely!! I was at the event as well, and i very much remember admiring your shoes at a few times during the event! soo nice. you looked fabulous! Ill admit I didn't know what to wear either, and i ended up being disappointed in my choice, but oh well, there will be a next time!

    its nice to find same-city bloggers :)


  8. So glad we found your blog. It's incredibly clever and chic. We're from across the pond (Victoria!) and love coming across other fellow BC'ers! xx

    Carly + Stacie

  9. Just stumbled across your blog! Love your style - your shoes in this post are especially beautiful!

    - Fellow Canadian Blogger