May 3, 2012

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J. Crew Vancouver Opens!

J. Crew opened it's first location in Vancouver last week and naturally, they threw a fun party to celebrate and introduce members of the J. Crew... crew to the West Coast! It was such a fun event, and the store is ah-mah-zing -- two floors and full of so much good print and colour.

The night could be summed up by musician Karl Wolf's current Top 40 hit, "champagne in my glass, I'm surrounded by hoes, you know, you know that I f*ck shit up," with hoes being bloggers, and "f*ck shit up" meaning exchange pleasantries and anecdotes, mingle, shop, and politely decline more champagne.  No? Not a good analogy? Moving on.

J. Crew's Vancouver Store Opening

Me, in desperate need of bronzer, blush, or an old-lady to pinch my cheeks, with Olivia of StyleStruck fame, my wonderful date for the evening (lucky me, I know).

I was busy investigating The Case of the Disappearing Champagne and thus didn't take any photos, but thankfully Olivia snapped one for me on my iPhone. 

Let's talk about these sandals for a haute minute (puns!). They're only $50/$60 (USD/CAD) and are such a good basic sandal. I generally don't do "classics" since I have a penchant for footwear of the more obnoxious variety, but with all the colour and print you'll be wearing this season (like that floral dress at J. Crew poking its way into my picture) buying something simple is a good way to go. I know, I've changed. Don't hate, participate!

J. Crew is located at 1088 Robson St.

event photos by Evaan Kheraj c/o J. Crew.

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  1. Nice outfit! Looks like a fun event!

  2. i love jcrew and i agree about a basic sandal, i've been trying to look for one so i'll check those out.

    life spelled jen

  3. Fellow J.Crew lover... I feel for your excitement. Umm, having worked there for a couple years, being in the store is like a whole 'nother experience. Absolutely beautiful colors and prints. LOVES. Looking forward to seeing how you'll mix their classics with trendy prints. I'm thinking their classic chambray shirt, neon pencil skirt and vintage Dior. Workday glam.

    Amanda from The Accessory

  4. This looks like so much fun!!


  5. So exciting! I plan on heading there on my lunch break!

    Style in the City

  6. You and your date could not be any cuter. Actual scientific fact right there.

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  8. I love the new stuff J. Crew is coming out with and this event looked like so much fun!!

  9. Your song reference made me spit my coffee. I'm a new reader to your blog; I'll be back! Loving the new J Crew here in Van, in fact I'm off there tonight for a lovely little pair of earrings I spotted on my last visit!