May 25, 2012

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ASOS Africa: You're Pretty Cool

I found a fun, new collection for you to peep by our friends at ASOS (the geniuses behind the infamous blogosphere-favourite, Crotch House, aka this skirt) called "ASOS Africa." What's so great about it? Let us count the ways.

1. The Prints: this collection serves up sporty dresses, pants, tops, and jackets, in zebra, giraffe, and rhino prints, mixed with traditional Kenyan patterns.

2. The Ab Fab: for those skinny bitches of you who want to flaunt some midriff this summer in high-waisted bottoms and high-bottomed tops, just like Dolce & Gabbana told us to.

3. The Drop-Crotch Shorts: What's better than wearing a pair of shorts that give the illusion of, or allow room for incontinence? Nothing. The answer is nothing is better than that, except, wearing shorts that do both and accommodate an adult diaper.

4. Oh right, Social Responsibility: ASOS Africa is produced in collaboration with SOKO Kenya, allowing underprivileged communities to establish sustainable business through local craftsmanship. That's almost as cool as wearing Poopy Pants.

Below, one of my favourite looks from the collection, and you can see more after the jump. 

PS. The price point is nice too: it ranges from $40 to $130. Woo! You can see and shop the rest of the collection here.

And in non-related news, I'm hosting a giveaway courtesy of Murale. You can win a beauty basket worth over $400 and full of YSL, Darphin, and other great products! Get in it to win it.
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  1. I love the patterns, so great:0

  2. Gorgeous garments! Great post :). XOXO,

  3. OMFG, I want it all! Especially the cropped bra top, but only if it comes with the model's chest and waist.

  4. Love the striped pants - they're amazing!

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  6. While I LOVE the prints, it's a bit ethnocentrist to be calling the whole thing 'African', no...? I only say this because I've been illuminated on the matter from this site a few days ago:

  7. I like all these prints!

  8. Love this! The prints are amazing and I really like that it's working for the greater good!

  9. The patterns look so beautiful! Love these prints!