April 13, 2012

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Coachella Festival Style: Enabling the Pretending of Boho Chic (DIY)

It's that time of year when your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are heavy with photos of palm trees, alcohol and/or narcotics enthusiasts, and the occasional musician. For months leading up to this, your favourite blogs (excluding this one) have been posting tips on "Festival Style," and will continue to post photos on style from said festival, which will make you rub your chin, look up to the sky and wonder, "where do all these hippies come from every year?"

It's Hashtag, Coachella. 

dress: standing armed, jewelry: Stella & Dot

Coachella sold out before I could say "here's my VISA number!" but no, I have no bitterness towards those going, only to the contrived examples of "festival style" that are going to be shoved down my internet connection for the next month.

Mark my word: when you're perusing photos of Coachella, I can assure you that you will find 3 different aesthetics: 1. Neon Hipster, 2. This is my one weekend a year to dress like a hippie and wear all my fringe 3. I'm badass because I'm wearing a vintage rock tree, denim cut-offs, and moto boots.

Find someone who looks original, I dare you.

Nevertheless, festival style, contrived as it may be, is still fun. And if you want to play dress up like crazy Aunt Sally, Marijuana Aficionado at Woodstock, why the hell not? I like to enable good costumery, so for all you Coachella goers, I have an awesome and easy, and awesomely easy, DIY post for you:

How to Make a Floral Crown

You will need:

1. Fresh flowers, with stems trimmed to 3 inches long, 2. Scissors, 3. Green floral tape or scotch tape, 4. Two pieces of green floral wire (mine got bendy because I was playing with it pre-shoot, sorry I'm not sorry).

Make a circle with your two pieces of wire. A circle that fits around your head. if it's a bit big, that's ok -- the flowers will make it fit smaller. Also, make sure it's taped very well, especially where the ends of the wires could potentially stick out and poke you in the brains.

Start taping the flowers (by the stem) to the wire. All of the flower heads and stems should be moving in one direction. No not the newer, hipster, British version of *NSYNC, but the pre-2012 definition of "one direction." PS. There's no such thing as too much tape.

Ya heard me, keep going! Continue to tape the flowers around the wire, with everything moving in the same direction. At the end when there's just a bit of space left, you can tape things ever which way to complete the circle. 

Boom! All done. Isn't it pretty?

And the best thing about this too, is the lovely scent of fresh flowers that will be swirling all around you. Just because you look like a hippie, doesn't mean you have to smell like one too.

Just jesting. Enjoy! And have fun at the fest, kiddies!

photos of model: Katrina Beveridge, hair & make up: Sara Rose Artistry
model: Play Management Inc., styling: yours truly
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  1. what a great how-to guide! I'd totally rock a floral crown if I had a Coachella ticket. But I don't. Boo!

    Sophie x


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  2. Awesome...there really is something terrible contrived about festival style isn't there?

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. love these photos by katrina :)- we are amigos and she showed me all of them! beautiful!

    and the headband is amazing. I have a tiny head so maybe i'll make a smaller version for every day in the summer!

  4. Haha loved this post ~ please add face paint and glitter & 'melted white chocolate' a la V. Hudgens. Do we think the floral headpiece applies to Lolla? Going in August but don't think it's quite on Coachella's level!

    Alex | www.imalittle.com | @lexniko

  5. Oh that is gorgeous love the hair piece

  6. Cool DIY!


  7. hahaha you're so right, all this so-called "style" from festivals are really just oh-so-boring. I'd love to see someone wearing a suit just to shock everyone's eyeballs.