March 14, 2012

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The Best Luxury Shopping Spots in 2012

Luxury goods and fashions are not expensive just because they are created by the leaders in style and design. These high end creations cost a small fortune because they are not readily available in every shopping mall. Fashion hungry people have to travel far and wide to quench their chic appetites. The following is a list of 2012's top shopping destinations that will satisfy any mode cravings:

1. The Las Vegas Strip

Not only is this the city of sin and sun, it is the land of retail luxury. Unlike most other fashion capitals, opulent Las Vegas shopping can be done all on one street, and in some cases, under one roof. Among all the frilly hotels and casinos that sprinkle the Las Vegas Strip, each and every top fashion designer has a boutique or collection.

2. New York City

Considered the most important flagship of fashion, the Big Apple takes the act of shopping to a whole new level. Shoppers have to cover more ground area in NYC than in Las Vegas, but the extra footsteps are worth it. Not only is New York the home to most design houses, New York is one of the few cities where one can be the first to see high end collections unveiled on the runway. NYC shoppers can even enjoy some extra savings thanks to the frequent and ridiculously generous sales. Make sure you bring your credit card, because you'll want to do some serious damage!

3. Paris

Paris isn’t just famous for its fashions, accessories or other chic goods. The window displays, boutique design and atmospheric lighting make shopping more like a trip to a breathtaking art gallery. There is a reason why the French are known for their fashion and glamour. Shopping in the city of lights is a study in elegance.

4. Milan

Anyone that has visited Milan can honestly state that it is not the most beautiful city in the world. In fact, it is hard to believe that high fashion and the best in posh products comes out of this smoggy, muddy and industrial town. However, high fashion and posh products are what Milan does best. One great thing about this northern Italian city is that it is a low cost city. Of all the cities in Italy, Milan offers the lowest prices for just about everything from hotel rooms to extraordinary fashion. In addition, buying an Italian made product is considerably cheaper in Milan because there is no export tax placed on such products.