January 16, 2012

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Touring Around the World with Sienna Ray & Co.'s [wander|lust] Project

Aloha from Hawaii! I'm currently sitting on my sunburned behind, aka an Under-the-Sea themed colour-blocking trend story, in beluga-white and lobster-red. That's right, Karl. Two can play that game. Aside from the literal pain in the ass, I'm so excited to be wearing Spring clothing, and even more excited to be taking Sienna Ray & Co.'s "makayla" bag from the SS12 collection for a test drive, before it hits stores and as part of the brand's [wander|lust] project.

dress: Vero Moda, bag: Sienna Ray, shoes: Senso (c/o Solestruck), necklaces: House of Harlow, bracelets: Giles & Brother, Noir Jewelry and vintage

[wander|lust] is like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but better: it's with handbags and bloggers! Sienna Ray selected 24 fashion bloggers from around the globe to each spend a week with the makayla, before passing it on. Weekly activity posts will be presented on the [wander|lust] blog, including a pop-up interactive map that gives followers the ability to track where in the world the bags are currently located. So after the kicking, screaming, and prying from my infantile grip, we can all keep track of this bag's adventures, moving forward. Pretty cool, right? Right.

I took the makayla from Vancouver to Waikiki. I took her to the beach. And then out to dinner. I think I'm one of the best dates she'll ever have, and just like your crazy-ex on Facebook, I'll be able to stalk her every move online to make sure of it. Why so much creep, aside from the usual psychosis? At the end of the [wander|lust] project, there's a vote to see which blogger was the most awesome (well the blogger who gets the most votes, I'm assuming it's for awesomeness). The prize for being the awesomest is the opportunity to design a bag for Sienna Ray! Needless to say, I want to win. Will you choo choo choose me? More harassment about this later.

Click... HERE to learn more about Sienna Ray, [wander|lust], and the other bloggers you won't be voting for in the sisterhood of the traveling bag. See ya!

ps. Wanna see what I learned in 2011? It's (sadly) not much, but it's on MTV FORA for your reading pleasure.


  1. That's a kick-ass dress - I've been hearting one of these mullet-style dresses for a while now. I love how you matched the neon bag with neon shoes, so cool! Got mad jelz of your 'spring time in winter' wardrobe possibilities though :-)


  2. Love the pop of neon from your shoes and accessories. Have a great time in Hawaii :)

  3. Love the pops of neon! Hope you're having a good time in Hawaii.


  4. I heart this dress. Reminds me of a cape. Have you ever been to a Vero Moda store? Their stock there is not nearly as good as the stock in Mendocino stores! Curiouser and curiouser.

  5. I love your entire outfit! The bag, the dress, the shoes = all amazing! Gorgeous!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. those shoes might even be better than the new J Campbell's... are they comfortable to walk in? I have been really loving the whole mint/neon lime thing lately. you look fabulous, girl. xx www.theleatherweather.com

  7. LOVE the shoes! Dying!


  8. Jealous of the bag, your shoes AND your trip to Hawaii!! Love the whole look.

  9. What an awesome outfit!!! Loving it!!!!


  10. I love this dress! simple but perfect!
    please take a look to my blog and let me know if you like it!


  11. Love the bag; adore the shoes.

  12. Those heels look fabulous with a grounding colour like black :)

  13. Love the dress!!! I read the other day that they call it "a mullet cut" which i thought was so clever!

    love K

  14. Great outfit! Love those shoes!


  15. That dress is really pretty and flowy. I wonder how this will look in white.

  16. GORGEOUS shoes! i love the color. loving the cut of the dress as well, so perfect.

  17. I cannot describe how envious I am that you're on a sunny beach in Hawaii wearing amazing neon wedges with bare legs while the rest of us Vancouver girls are freezing. But you look gorgeous, so I'll forgive you ;)

  18. I love your dress! it's so pretty!♥ xx

  19. Love your outfit hun! Canät wait ro put together an outfit with it, it's so beautiful!!

    Love Anna