January 4, 2012

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Sit DOWN, Mayan Calendar: These Fashion Folk have Bigger Plans for 2012

Every year, I make the same, boring New Year’s resolutions: to work out and eat healthier. Do I ever succeed? That depends on if you count drinking vodka-sodas and swaying on a pair heels on a dance floor (it’s a core workout, duh). Given my apparent sucking at making, and subjectively, following through, on New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to pose the question to some of my favourite fashionable friends across the continent to see what goals they’re setting for themselves this year. So I says to them, I says, “what is your New Year’s resolution?” while also subtly hinting that they best not have as lame an answer as my own. Here’s what they had to say.

“It's such a dumb resolution, but one of my goals is to embrace shoes in that weird realm between a flat and a stiletto. This is harder said than done since most two inchers look so damn matronly to me: they are sad shoes that can't decide whether to be high or low. Hate the kitten, hate the wedge. There must be something else... In 2012, I will scour the ends of the earth until I find the sexiest, sassiest stumpy pump. It will happen -- just watch me.”
- Anya Georgijevic, Vancouver
[Blogger, I’m the It Girl & Beauty Editor, Vitamin Daily]

"Stop drooling, start licking. I promise it's not sexual. It means stop saying and thinking that you want to do things, and just do it. For example: I've been wanting to surf all my life so one day I decided to sign up for surf camp, train, and take a surf vacay in the summer. So what if I lose my contacts in the water, become blind and drown... I'll at least be able to check that off my bucket list.” - Isabelle Dimang, NYC
[Jr. Fashion Editor, Saks Fifth Avenue]

“I always make easy resolutions for myself that I was going to do anyway. So in that spirit, my resolution for 2012 is to delete emails until my inbox is in the triple digits as apparently I am an email hoarder.”
- Ryan Porter, Toronto
[Acting Entertainment Editor, FLARE Magazine]

“Have more fun. What inspired this resolution? In the summer, I was given a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, and my first thought was, "Geez, I'll have to do a lot more fun things, lead a life that's snapshot-worthy!" And then I realized, "Wait a sec, shouldn't that be my goal every day?" I think so. So, for example, that sequin dress I bought on a whim recently? The old me would be fretting about having nowhere to wear it to. But the new and improved 2012 me will create the opportunity to wear it, even if it means wearing it to the grocery store -- so what if I look pretty darn fancy schmancy buying cat litter. After all, isn't everything more fun when you've got one kickass outfit on? Best of all, I'm quite certain "having more fun" is one resolution I'll be able to follow through on.” - Karen Kwan, Toronto
[Freelance writer and editor, Blogger: Health & Swellness]

"Travel somewhere (near or far) at least once a month, be entirely (perhaps irrationally) spontaneous, kick my sad, sad addiction to Coke Zero… and re-organize my Google Reader."
- Leeor Wild, Toronto
[Editor, MTV FORA]

"1. I'm only going to buy clothes with money I get from inside my 'swear jar.' ...Which means I will probably be able to get a lot of clothes. 2. Go to rehab for 'Angry Birds.' 3. Move to London, finish design classes at Central St. Martins, and feverishly work on my next womenswear collection while recording the highly-anticipated sequel to "Watch The Th--" Oh. Sorry, I was daydreaming that I was Kanye West again." - Jian DeLeon, NYC
[Staff Writer, Complex Magazine]

“To commence writing a book. I'm not saying it's going to be a real book, or a good one. But I'd like to write one, if just for my own sake. It'll probably be a documentation of life as I see it - because that's really very noteworthy. Haha. There's my goal/resolution for 2012!”
- Olivia Lovenmark, Vancouver
[Blogger, Stylestruck & Designer, LOVE + MARK’D]

"1. Take a couple giants steps towards not working for a corporation. 2. Dominate menswear fashion photography with Justin Chung, if he'll let me... 3. Visit some part of Canada because practically all my favorite people are from there." - Justin Bridges, NYC
[Blogger & Photographer, Tucked Style]

"To genuinely smile more. I'm tired of people thinking I always have a stick up my ass because of my chronic bitch face.”
- Peter Hoang, Vancouver
[Blogger, The Starving Stylist]

“I attempted to introduce more colour into my wardrobe in 2011 but green seemed to be the only shade that made it in the mix. Green shirts, green jackets and even green shoes. Hope to add something different in 2012, perhaps neon? I’m still craving those neon-soled Jil Sander shoes. But realistically, I’d probably hit a few more warmer tones. 'Tangerine tango' is the colour of the year so I might give that a try, in some shape or form.”
- Ryan Michael Cheung, Toronto
[Assistant Digital Editor, FLARE Magazine]

“I'm not big on resolutions, usually because I never follow through, but two of my goals for 2012 are 1. learn to speak French fluently, and 2. travel as much as possible. “
- Lea Wurster, NYC
[Calvin Klein Underwear]

"When Niki asked for me to share my new year’s resolution with all of you, she made it very clear that she wanted legitimate resolutions that could be kept… none of that “I’m going to go to the gym every day and cut out sugar for all of 2012” garbage. So I went through my list of resolutions and eliminated all of the unrealistic ones, which left me with none. What can I say, I’m a dreamer. So in an attempt to finally come up with a resolution I could actually keep I took one of my failed resolutions from last year and reversed it. I’m happy to report that my new year’s resolution for 2012 is to eat more chocolate, and not to brag, but so far I’m doing really well at it." - Melissa Knight, Vancouver
[Blogger, Miss Melissa]

“My New Year's resolution is to finish, unfinished business”
- Ali Fatourechi, Los Angeles & NYC
[Creative Director, Genetic Denim]

“My resolution for 2012 is to try something new every month. It sounds vague, but that way I don't have to force myself into a box and drastically change my lifestyle in order to achieve it. I ended 2011 with a good one, eating lamb's tongue, so it seems natural to head in that direction. So whether it's a new recipe, restaurant, country, experience, or shoe, I'm game for trying it out!”
- Erin Gee, Vancouver
[Blogger, Haus of Hybrid]

“To wear less bracelets. To teach some NFL coaches (that will remain nameless) how to dress. To bring a Super Soaker to a promoted dinner and start nailing people.” - Jace Lipstein, NYC
[Blogger, The Grungy Gentleman]

“All my resolutions are of the most boring, run-of-the-mill type. Maybe I also need a resolution to kick things up so I'll have something fascinating to make a resolution about next year?” - Janine Falcon, Toronto
[Blogger, BEAUTYGEEKS & Face Kit Editor, The Kit]

"1. To shop less and send more! Sounds strange, but I have a few higher priced items on my wish list, so I'm going to avoid spontaneous shopping trips to cheap stores and save my money for a few key pieces. Such as a new Kate Spade bag for Spring! 2. To learn French. I took it in high school, but most of my French verbs have since escaped me. I'm planning a trip to France next year and would love to be able to order a coffee en francais at a cafe in Paris! I am keeping it to a realistic two goals this year. I'm also starting yoga, but let's avoid exercise cliches. And we all know I'll probably stop my workout regime by February!" - Alicia Quan, Vancouver [Blogger, aliciafashionista]

These are some lofty goals! Shall we start taking bets as to who fails first? I kid, I kid. I wish you all the best of luck! And it's a good thing no one said "work out" ... now I don't need to worry about anyone not seeing me at the gym. Mission: success.

What's your New Year's Resolution?



  1. Pure Brilliance! This is a great post to start off the year, well done!

  2. Love it! Inspiration for me - and no usual boring ones :)


  3. I love this post. People mainly seem to have succeeded at keeping it real. Question: how do you know all these cool people? Seriously? I think I could get my mom and maybe two friends to respond to such a request :-) Are you a big famous person and we don't know???


  4. These are some great resolutions. Check mine out- http://shoeschampagne.blogspot.com


  5. Wow, maybe I should learn French. 2012 seems to be the year to do so!


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  7. Such a great post! I really loved reading all of these, they are all so witty & and creative! - They inspire me to shoot a bit higher this year with my New Years resolutions!

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. HAHA, amazing: "Oh. Sorry, I was daydreaming that I was Kanye West again."

    Such a fun post, Niki. Thanks for including me!


  9. Wow... these are all great resolution. For me, to be healthier this year. Exercise more.

  10. It was interesting finding out what all of these talented and stylish individuals have planned for 2012. All the more reason to get motivated and stick to my own goals. :)

  11. My goal this year is to try to save more money. I have a tendency to have short term goals for my money and that is no bueno for someone about to graduate from college :/. Lets hope everything works out =]

  12. thanks for including me nikster! xoxo

  13. My goal this year is (as I stated on my blog), to Embrace Change. I always write a manifesto, and in 2012 it's been making sure that whatever change brings me, I embrace it!

    Miss you lots, love!

  14. haha. These are all great resolutions! I must say, that Melissa's resolution to "eat more chocolate" is brilliant! lol. I absolutely love it!

  15. These are all excellent resolutions! Is it bad that I don't have any :/

  16. Fantastic resolutions, everyone! Thanks so much for including me in this, such a good idea :)! All the best this year darling xo