December 9, 2011

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Introducing Dover and the Two-Tone Trench Coat

Hello, friends. Surprise! It's me again. Guess what? I got a new trench coat from a brand new line of outerwear called Dover, by Karen Reinitz and Abigale Levinson, the designers of AKA New York. This inaugural collection may be small but it packs a big punch: each piece is a reinterpretation of a classic silhouette by incorporating fun and unexpected details, like leather sleeves, fur cuffs and bright jacquard panels. Needless to say, I'm picking up what they're throwing down: I would be very content with owning every single current piece of Dover available.

L: Dover Pea Coat with Fur Cuffs
R: Dover Army Jacket with Fur Collar

Dover Fur Vest

My trench has leather sleeves and I really like love it. Do you? I realize the sleeves are a bit short -- that tends to happen with me and outerwear because I'm all limbs, like a supermodel. Just kidding, I'm actually built more like a spider. Supermodels don't have the apple-bottom like myself and other members of the arachnid class.

trench: Dover, top: vintage, pants: Zara, bag: Club Monaco

jewelry: Stella & Dot, Giles & Brother and vintage

shoes: ALDO x Flare Magazine. Photo:

It's hard to believe it's December 9th already -- Christmas is in just over 2 weeks! Aside from boxes of Dover under my tree, I don't think I need to tell you what I'm asking for this Christmas but how's this for a Christmas list?!

What are you asking Santa for, my materialistic little messes?


  1. Oh, God, I love this! The trench with the leather, the fur and black, the sleeveless fur. Totally my style! Thanks for sharing!


    Psssst... I'm hosting an £100 ASOS gift voucher giveaway...

  2. You outfit is perfect...I don't know which piece of yours I like best!
    But yes that coat is amazing! I love the leather details :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  3. LOVE this outfit! The bright blue pants, the two toned jacket, the amazing look amazing!
    xo Cara

  4. Ooh I've eyed that trench on Shopbop. So glad someone I know got it so I can live vicariously through her lol.

  5. Niiiice coat! I've seen lots of leather sleeved coats lately, but the detailing on this one is especially nice.

  6. I never would have thought! Love the army jacket and love, love your shoes!!

    Much Love,

    Live Laugh Love

  7. God! I have that limb thing too!! coats are always too short in the arms ;( But you look good regardless ;)

  8. I think there is too much decor on the dress to an extend that it is overwhelming

  9. Haha, I'm the opposite... sleeves are typically too long for me! Love your trench :)

  10. Great outfit! Those pants are a fantastic colour!

  11. I swear I dreamt about shoes last night that looked just like those!

    I'm totally envious now!


  12. Love your trench! I also love the pea coat! I already got a puppy for christmas so don't think there'll be anything too exciting under the tree for me :) xx

  13. I love the two tone action!!! That fur vest! OMG!! I wouldn't mind being buried in it! ha!

    I can't believe it's almost Christmas either! I have no idea what to ask Santa for at all this year.


  14. Wow! I am so jealous of your outfit haha! I love everything about it.


  15. Omg, you are hilarious!!! "arachnid class" it! I must be from the T-Rex class then, bc my arms are redic short!

    thanks for your comment btw!

    kisses...Maria from