November 25, 2011

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WIN $1000 by Sharing your Best. Weekend. Ever.

Call it Spring, the Artist formerly known as Prince Spring Shoes, has just launched a fun contest on their Facebook page called Best Weekend Ever.

The prize? A $1000 gift card to the store. Translation? It could mean approximately 20 pairs of free shoes. The best part? They're giving away 5 Call it Spring gift cards so 5 people are going to need a Mr. Big to Carrie Bradshaw the you-know-what out of their closet space -- you know, like in their penthouse from the first movie? You get it.

For a chance at winning one of 5 x $1000 Call It Spring gift cards, upload a picture of your Best. Weekend. Ever to Call it Spring's Facebook page. This contest runs until December 18th.

So do you have a picture worth a thousand words? Share it, because in this case, it can be worth $1000. Enter here.