November 23, 2011

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toronto by instagram

I went to Toronto this week for a really fun project I can't tell you about just yet (oh the suspense!) and I most enjoyed my short, but sweet, time in the city. I forgot my camera at home -- bad blogger! -- but I managed to snap a few pictures on my phone while I was there.

I was so excited to see the CN Tower and took a picture of it whenever I saw it. Then I realized that you can see it from practically anywhere downtown. Did you know that the CN Tower is taller than the Empire State Building? If you don't know, now you know.

I like taking pictures of big ol' buildings. This building is now an office building, but when it opened in 1931 it was home to Canada's oldest, and at the time, largest, insurance company, Canada Life. I know, I'm a wealth of knowledge. Are you impressed? Please say yes.

This is the view from the rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel. Oh look! It's that tall skinny bitch, the CN Tower, again.

Surprise! I bought shoes. They're Rachel Antonoff for Bass. I think my next DIY project is going to involve studding them nice little bows.

Dots on dots on dots: a silk tee I found at Used House of Vintage on Queen St. West, which is a little slice of a vintage fashion enthusiast's heaven. Speaking of dots, have you read my recent Huffington Post article? I dare you to.

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  1. Love your new shoes! Ok ok, I am biased, basically anything with bows is good in my books, but these flats are really pretty :-)

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  5. CN tower is really looking nice and I am amazed to see pictures of big ol' buildings .In my opinion it should be seen as cultural properties and not as office.

    1. Nice pics. CN Tower is really looking so awesome. I must say it has made me so disparate to visit here to see it lively. Great informative post you have shared.