November 15, 2011

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Proenza Schouler PS1 Multicolor Pouchette Satchel: A Love Poem

Proenza Schouler Ps1 Multicolor Pouchette Satchel

This pebbled leather satchel by Lazaro and Jack,
has the perfect textile detail in orange, grey, yellow, red and black.
It has a fold-over flap with flip-lock and double strap closure,
I'd carry it everyday for maximum exposure.
Worn over the shoulder, cross-body or held by the perforated handle at the top,
it's not only practical but makes your heart pound and jaws drop.
Open it up and you'll see its navy signature Jacquard lining,
Sitting inside: my maxed out credit card, hologram shining.
I'm not even a "handbag girl", but I can't get this one out of my mind,
Sugar Daddy, are you out there? Would you be so kind?
I know, I know, I always say "classics are where you want to invest",
"Shut up!", voice of reason! This bag is the best.
Oh Proenza Schouler, you always know how to tug at my heart strings,
Season after season you come out with the most amazing things.
I know writing this poem is a bit dramatic, but clearly, it is true,
PS1 Multicolor Pouchette Satchel: I really love you.


  1. Amazing. There are no other words for either the bag or your poem.

  2. Ha this is awesome! The bag is not quite my style, but I do appreciate this amazing poem about it.

    Down On Dunsmuir

  3. fantastic poem!


  4. I couldn't have expressed the beauty of this bag any better. I feel it girl.


  5. Love this post! Love this bag too!

  6. seriously, keeping up with the canadians. pitch it to FORA.

  7. lol to the comment above. I'd watch it. :)

    *Love the bag