November 23, 2011

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the big event

I have a love/hate relationship with the fine people at Why? I love them because they consistently offer good promotions like this and I hate them for the same reason. How am I supposed to save up for my beloved Proenza Schouler PS1 Multicolor Pouchette Satchel when I'm constantly tempted to throw my money elsewhere?!

In an attempt to have you join me in financial demise, let me tell you a bit more about this "Big Event". In addition to 20% off hundreds of new items, has also kicked off one of their famous spend-n-save events today where you spend.. and then... save. So, you spend $250 and get $50 off your purchase, or spend $500 and get $100 off your purchase and so on (it's outlined in the image above, I won't insult your intelligence by going on).

To get in on this action, simply enter BIGEVENT at checkout. This offer ends on Monday, November 28th so you betta' act fast!

Happy Shopping!

ps. If you even think about sniping these amazing pants from Diane von Furstenberg or these t-straps from Opening Ceremony before I do... we're going to have a problem.


  1. OMG- I just ordered something from Shopbop this morning!!

  2. I have a question for you. Say you were going to where a long black sequin tank with skinny black pants and a semi casual black blazer to a christmas party. What type of shoes would you pair with it? sequin black point heels, matte black heels, leopard print heels or bright red shiny heels?

  3. definitely not black, add some pop with a print or colour - I think leopard is a good choice.

  4. i'm an asshole so i spent the $1500 just to get $500 off. funny how the mind of a shopping addict works.

  5. hahahaha. I think I love you.