October 13, 2011

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versace for H&M

Ads are here! Read that as if Pauly D just yelled it at you. Here it is, folks. Your first look at Versace's collection for H&M, which is coming to a store near you on November 19th. In terms of aesthetic, I expected no less from my homegirl Donatella -- it is so Versace. Check it out:

image credit: tomandlorenzo.com

I've never been one to go cray for these big designer collabos -- paying $249 for an H&M quality dress? If I'm going to have to wait in line to enter a war zone, I would rather shop a sample sale to wear designer for less and go home with a higher quality garment. So this negative Nancy isn't really picking up what they're throwing down -- but I will say, how perfect is that gold metallic dress for New Year's Eve? Or for a future (or current, no judgement here) career as an escort? And I do love all of the colour and embellishment... I could get into this. Maybe.

What do you think about Versace's collection for H&M?


  1. I also never get too jazzed about the H&M or Target designer collabs...I'd rather stalk Outnet or some other site for deals or hit a sample sale than get in a brawl with someone at H&M over something that costs $100 plus.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. The gold metallic dress is the first thing that caughty my eye but I'm not one to wait in lines for things like this.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. i agree with you - these designer collections for main street stores are always made of a lesser quality than the original and as you'd say I'd rather get a vintage number (and probably spend less!) I honestly think it's all a big marketing ploy to say to the average girl: you're average but you too can own a versace dress (don't tell anyone it's from H&M)... you know what i mean??


  4. sounds like we're all on the same page here!

  5. Yep, agree with the comments, it's all kinda hype, but I do love the ad. It's hilarious how OTT it is and sooo Versace.

  6. Anna,

    There is NO WAY you'd be able to find a vintage Versace dress (especially by Gianni) for the same price as H&M. Gianni's collections (which this collab is inspired by) cost the same, if not more, as they did in the '90s.

  7. I was def excited for this collab. I myself am not a huge fan of Versace but I just knew that this was going to be amazing. To no surprise it is! My favorites are the black studded leather jackets and leggings. Cn't wait..
    Tess Dunne