October 28, 2011

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fashionable faces

Have you started your Holiday shopping yet? Ask me this in a month and a half and my answer will still be the same: no. However, if you're smarter than me and like to get your shopping started early, methinks these Fashionable Faces posters would make a great little gifteroo for the fashion fan in your life. Created by FASHIONOTES, each poster features the face of a recognizable fashion designer (like the legendary Monsieur YSL and Krazy Karl) with an accompanying quote:

The Fashionable Faces posters measure 11.75" x 15.5" and are available via FASHIONOTES starting at $30.


  1. Is it just me or does Marc Jacobs look a little like he should be talking to a volleyball named wilson?

  2. Hi there i discoverd another Canadian blogger found you via T - cool fahsionotes and your pics from NY fabulous, i was there in October -