September 4, 2011

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loafers: i love to say i told you so

As you know, I've been repping a good man loafer for quite some time now. I was the sole (pun intended) flat-wearer rocking loafers at New York Fashion Week last February like all that was missing was Hugh Hefner's satin monogrammed bathrobe. The old man in me (don't be gross, ya pervs) has been waiting for this style to catch on and much to my delight, it has! Big time! And thus I present you with these, a gaggle of good suggestions for you to slip your lady feet into some man-like loafers:

Christian Louboutin "Roller Girl" Leather & Velvet Loafers

Alexander McQueen Skull-embellished Velvet Loafers

Pour la Victoire "Levi" Loafer

Sam Edelman "Alvin" Slipper Flats

Sam Edelman "Alvin" Slipper Flats

STEVEN by Steve Madden "Melter" Loafer

PS. I'll be back in New York next week covering Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for this little diddy of a blog and for MTV FORA. So the good news is, I'll be posting regularly again after a whole summer of... not. The bad news? There's going to be even more of me, suckas. Make sure to follow me, my adventures, experiences and international humilation on Twitter.


  1. ooo yes, i've been forecasting loafers for a while myself... actually over a year now. anyways, I got some Bespoke's made from Stubbs & Woottons. Thought your readers would enjoy this too :)

  2. ahahah gosh this little story just made my day girl I'm sure you absolutely rocked the look! love to the Sam Edelman loafers, gotta love me a pair of those :O Xxxx

  3. That last pair of Sam Edelman's are begging to get into my closet
    Old men know what's up: old man sweaters, loafers, high waisted pants. Yess

  4. WOW! What an awesome opportunity!!! I cant wait to read about your adventures :) !!! XOXO,

  5. I picked up a pair of vintage Prada loafers a while back and am excited the trend is catching on. Girly, I can't wait until you get back to NYC!

  6. Loafers are some of my most versatile shoes.
    I got these puppies at Value Village. (

    I walked for more than 10 in them in NYC. talk about breaking them in.

  7. those leopard print sam edelman's are killing me.. so awesome!