August 28, 2011

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LIVE at squamish: good music + festival style

Last weekend I headed up to LIVE at Squamish, a music festival presented by Virgin Mobile in a town about an hour outside of Vancouver: (you guessed it) Squamish. The line-up was awesome this year and featured some of my favourite artists like Metric, The Dudes, Girl Talk, Stars, John Butler Trio and a gaggle of local bands you should check out like Brasstronaut, The Zolas and Hey Ocean.

I obviously had my eyes on the style scene because I like to judge blog and lucky for me, my friend Katrina kindly took some amazing photos of the shows and the style so that I could share all this with you:

Festival Style: Tips from A Haute Mess that were Stolen from Other People's Outfits

Wear a jumpsuit. Why? Because I like them but look stupid in them, so I want to see more of them on you. Plus, onesies = you don't need to worry about losing any layers when you're stumbling around after a beer too many. PS. Cool lattice details get bonus points.

Bring a scarf. You can use it to sit on (instead of toting around a big blanket) and when it gets chilly post-sundown you can wear it as a wrap. And it looks cool tied to your bag when you're not using it. Fashion and function, people -- a win-win.

Sunglasses are key. Duhhh, it's bright outside. But sunglasses also make you look really cool, almost as much as smoking does. Just kidding, kids -- sunglasses aren't that cool. Just kidding. Insert anti-smoking PSA here.

Boots are your best friend. Festivals generally are dirty, can get muddy and sometimes cold at night. Plus, wearing boots you'll avoid those nasty sandal blisters, will be able to trek back to your campsite through the roughest terrain and easily sneak items on the fun list into the festival grounds... not that you would even think about doing that.

Wear long, loose layers. Maxi-dresses are a magical invention that keep you cool when it's hot out and warmer when it's cool out and they're comfortable. And sometimes it's nice to put the legs away and let the boobs come out to play, I'm just saying.

Oh yeah, cabs are here.

Photos by Katrina Beveridge. Thanks to Jaclyn and the rest of the LIVE at Squamish PR team for having me!


  1. Gotta love festival style! Looks like it was a great time.
    Jen xo

  2. Hey, I think that was the same weekend the boy and I went up to Whistler! It must have been quite the music festival with the Chief as the backdrop and all those great acts in the lineup.

  3. Great post and photos!! Looks like it was a fab & fashionable day!! XOXO,

  4. lol classic Niki "sometimes it's nice to put the legs away and let the boobs come out to play"

    great festival pics.

  5. bringing a scarf is a brilliant idea, one I haven't thought of!

    lol to "sometimes it's nice to put the legs away and let the boobs come out to play" hilarious!