July 20, 2011

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easy breezy street steezy

I'll bring the narcissism back down to a minimum and do a legitimate post soon, I swear. In the meantime, please enjoy the photo of my trip D sweater pups below.

photo via TuckedStyle

Ahem. But seriously, I had my peecture taken by the wonderful Justin Bridges of TuckedStyle recently and I think you should all head over there and check it out. He is hands down one of the best people I have met in New York City this summer, and so even if you're tired of seeing my dumb mug all the time -- I don't blame forgive you -- you can skip that link entirely and check out the rest of his blog here.


  1. I love the cute pattern on the shirt and that necklace is beautiful!


  2. I've been loving your posts lately, totally letting your personality shine through! Makes me laugh. Seems like you're having the best time in NY! Btw, love the necklace :)

    Xo Chelle

  3. Ha I just love the way you write

    Have fun on the rest of your stay in NYC and try not to melt!

  4. you are my favourite blogger...here's why:

    a) you are gorgeous with great style
    b) you are Canadian
    c) you are witty - HILARIOUS
    d) you are real
    e) you write eloquently and with proper grammar
    f) you take real photos, not "oh i just happened to be walking in nature with my louboutins while my boyfriend follows me snapping madly with his camera" photos
    g) you studied the same thing as me!
    h) you rock :)

    all the best,

  5. aw best blog comment EVER. you made my day <3

  6. I adore that dress, that color looks great on you!

    <3 Kelly