June 28, 2011

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me, bai ling and celebrity rehab

I had VH1 on yesterday (God Bless America and the endless options for good tv) and a promo for the new season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew came on, and apparently, my BFFFM (best friend for five minutes) Bai Ling is a cast member this season. Anyway, for lack of a better post, it inspired me to share this gem with you:

Bai Ling and I at the SLS Hotel's gifting suite for the Golden Globe Awards in LA (January 2011).

You don't have to tell me how good I look here (but please, do feel free to in the comments section below). And FYI, if I hadn't dropped my Blackberry in a toilet and drowned my memory card, I would also have pictures of Bai and I sprawled all sexy-like on the table you see behind us. True story.


  1. wow thats awesome you meet her!


  2. Funny pic, that's cool you met her :) I'm sure that was a fun party. Poor Bai, I saw her on Celebrity Rehab talking about how she loves Champagne so much but she's a allergic to alchohol.

    Nice post

  3. So cool Niki! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  4. This is an awesome photo - you look all drunk and dazed on the fact that you met Bai Ling. It's sort of perfect really.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. LOL! Hilarious. Maybe she'll talk about how she embarassed herself in the Golden Globes gifting suite during a therapy session with Dr. Drew and mention you.

  6. aww that sucks about your phone! :S

  7. Haha, this is insane! And I feel you on your phone issues, I'm always doing stupid stuff like that.

  8. LOL. Nahh I think you look fab even with your eyes closed. Now, many ppl don't have this skill of yours, you know.

    i.e. me. I tend to look weird in 90% of my photos.
    The other 10% is what I post on my blog, deceiving the masses into thinking I look normal.

    Who is this Bai Ling? Imma gonna go google her.

    Ahh I haven't dropped my BB into the toilet (yet). Hope you get it fixed!


  9. Hahaha of all the people in all the world you made best friends with...Bai Ling...wow. Listen, this eyes closed while absent-mindedly smiling look is in every magazine lately, so trust me, you look amazing and very NOW. Glad you're having such an amazing time in New York!

    Alex xoxox


  10. Oh man.... I would have loved to see the sexy pictures! LOL. I do! You're awesome.

  11. Just previous! love how 'pose hard' she is.