May 2, 2011

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a week in twitpics: the sometimes edition

Sometimes I like to take pictures with my iPhone and post them to Twitter. Sometimes I like to post them here too.

The Home Office

Sometimes I like to start my day by checking my e-mails, making that day's to-do list and drinking my morning coffee in my bed. Sometimes Benny likes to join me. Sometimes he likes to join me when he's wet from his morning walk. Sometimes I let him get away with it.

Obnoxiously Mixing Prints

(Top from Barefoot Contessa, Vintage skirt, H&M necklace, Dolce Vita shoes)
"Hey Ash, is this too aggressive for the Obakki show?"
Sometimes I need a lifeline and have to phone a friend. Because sometimes, I actually dress like a haute mess.

Obnoxiously Wearing Obnoxiously Mixed Prints

Sometimes I like to wear obnoxiously mixed prints and 5 inch platform heels. Because sometimes, stomping around Vancouver like a T-Rex is cool.

Obakki's Fall/Winter 2011 Show

Sometimes I go to fashion shows. Last week, I went to Obakki's -- and it was great. I loved the dramatic setting inside of St. Andrew's-Wesley church and I especially loved the collection. I'll share more on this later.

Casual Business Meeting

(H&M trench, Forever 21 sweater, Vince tank, Something Else leggings, gifted Jellypop shoes)
Sometimes comfort is key. And sometimes, so is finding a great sale: I bought this cropped trench from H&M last week for only $10.

Pretending to be Ladylike

(T-shirt gifted from Bicyclette, Floral maxidress gifted from Banana Republic, Vintage chain, Cooperative shoes)
Sometimes I like to pretend to be ladylike by wearing pretty, flowery dresses. Sometimes (and most times) I don't really look that ladylike at all.

Sometimes I like to tweet. For first-hand Twitpics and "twitillating" conversation, you can find me on Twitter at @AHauteMess.


  1. Haha I love the title. I love how you show off your personality in your posts. You did a great job mixing those prints!! It looks great :) And your dog is so cute.


  2. love the first top and the last skirt.. really nice!

  3. great outfits!!!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  4. Stomping around Vancouver like a T-Rex sounds awesome - last time I was there I skittled about like a velociraptor and it was less exciting. Your home office also reminds me a lot of mine, except swap out the adorable puppy for two tubby ginger cats.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I love all those outfits...the print mixing is perfect!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. Oh you're wearing your BR dress! I like how you wore a crop top over it to make it more casual. Still waiting for warmer weather to wear mine.

  7. Stomping around Vancouver like a T-Rex is ALWAYS a good thing! Love the pattern clashing outfit! xx

  8. Freakin amazing outfits Niki, how do you always look so perfectly put together? Please, do share your secrets! Also been looking for vintage maxis and never find anything that isn't super g-ma, you have a good one for sures!
    Making a turband tonight. Maybe i'll do laundry and make dinner as well to make my evening as betty homemaker complete ;)

  9. I love the Vintage skirt and the dolce vita brown heels.

    Love your blog I try to read it everyday!

  10. Love your outfit with the mixed prints! The necklace is gorgeous as well.
    Following you on Twitter now as well :)

  11. I love your wild mixing of patterns! I always feel like when I pick patterned items I go overboard, but WHY NOT? Your dog is super cute too.

    xThe Pretty Secrets