May 4, 2011

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wacky for obakki

And no, I'm not making a drug reference with that post title -- but I'm excited to see what new readers stumble upon this post with some faulty googling!

Last week I found myself at St. Andrew's-Wesley church in Vancouver (yes Parents, I went to church -- commence high-fives) and I wasn't there to worship Karl or pray to the blessed mother Miuccia. I was happily attending one of the city's most highly anticipated fashion shows of... well, ever: the debut of Obakki's Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

As expected, Obakki did not disappoint: from the beautiful silk maxi dresses to the thick, boyfriend-cut wool coats, the perfect balance was found between vintage-inspired and fashion-forward. As the dweller of a seemingly seasonless city, I also appreciate the ease at which these pieces would transition from day-to-night and between seasons, with a simple change of shoes, accessories and outerwear.

Some of my favourite pieces from the collection:

For a wonderful and detailed review of the show, please visit Solo Lisa, and for more information on Obakki and to view the line's current collection, visit Obakki's website here.

Photos by Peter Jensen

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  1. Love the entire collection!!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Could your blog be anymore perfect!
    Now following :)

    Natasha, x.

  3. Beautiful !

  4. I love the pictures you were able to share....very chic and easy collection!

  5. These pieces are gorgeous - I love the ethereal material and the neutral and blush tones, really lovely.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. if you are going to be in nyc all summer, we should hang out!


    Fashion by He

  7. that first dress is oooh la la! what a treat to attend this.


  8. That looks so cool. I love when show's locations are more innovative and different, I'm so much more interested and always remember it well.

    ps i like the blog's new look!

  9. Thanks for the shout-out Niki!

  10. Love the silk dresses, so beautiful!

  11. That tiered jumpsuit is amazing! Love the blush tone and the incredible movement...Looks like such a fab can you not come home wanting every piece?! Happy Humd Day sweets!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. Gorgeous pieces! And I love the candles and setting in the background!

  13. Gorgeous collection!! Everything is so flowy - my favourite! I love that first dress :)


  14. I just discovered your blog through A Fine Balance and am now following. I'd tell you what I love about your site but frankly everything's fantastic! OK Maybe especially the turban with turquoise necklace with striped top with tan jacket.

  15. this brand is fab!i loved the clothing the shoes everything!and i've never heard about it!i really like your blog cause it shows your professionalism.i follow u!follow back if u like :)

  16. Wowwwww... all these dress fall so beautifully. Looks like it was a gorgeous show so thanks for posting. Also thanks for your comment. :-) Following.

  17. What a perfect venue for such a strikingly beautiful show. This mix of vintage and fashion-forward styles creates an elegant and graceful production.

  18. Amen to that! In a show like that...Vogue must be the bible. Great and unique spot for a fashion show. Glad you got to attend.

    Tallulah Doll