May 13, 2011

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outfits + outtakes = because I love you

I'm frequently asked to feature more personal style and outfit posts on this wee blog. As you can see, I'm trying to fulfill these requests. However, while I appreciate the demand, you need to know that the supply is weak (economics, people). Do you know how hard it is for me to get a photo of myself that's worthy of the interwebz and this sphere o' blog? I have albums and albums and more albums of blog photos that didn't make it online -- my iPhoto is like my own personal blooper reel. It's a good thing I don't embarrass easily, because I'm now presenting you with a new feature I would like to call A Haute Mess: Outfits and Outtakes. All because I love you. And want to prove a point.

Twirling like a pretty lady.

This little diddy actually made it into a post. Because the photo of myself making a stupid face didn't look nearly as stupid as my normal face. Go figure.

Is that poop or pants?

"WTF?" - That lady.

Does my ass look fat in these pants? Also, the pockets and the drop crotch are making a sad face. Irony!

Insert pathetic flailng noise here.

"My boobs are like... this big"

"...and when my bra comes off..."

A Haute Mess, brought to you by Vagisil.

This one is a personal favourite.

Yeeeeeour welcome. Stay tuned for more outfits and outtakes, because guess what!? I don't get any more photogenic. Or classy.

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  1. i'm lol-ing over here. sad face from the pants is pretty flipping hilarious.

  2. LOL you are too cute & funny! Even while talking/making faces, you're still rocking all the outfits! Great post :)

    xo ShoeTease

  3. Oh, that ass was rich! Thanks for making my day. ;)

  4. This might be the coolest thing I've seen all day. I am especially impressed by the giant cans photo and the mystery of poop or pants. Well done!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I may have giggled out loud more than once scrolling through this post at work. What a great idea for a new feature. Keep 'em coming!

  6. i'm loving all your commentary! you are too funny

  7. lmaooo honestly this was the best haha! :) def. put a smile on my face lol

  8. This is hilarious! Thanks for putting these photos (and yourself) out there! If it makes you feel better I've been blogging for a month and have enough awkward shots for an outtakes post

  9. Big LOL, Niki you have some serious spunk...getting in all sorts of trouble - I love it!

    Your silver shoes and black shorts are really funky.

    PS: Thanks for checking out my blog as well.
    -Tallulah Doll

  10. i love how you got style and humor!!

  11. I don't care if these are out takes these are sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!xoxoxo

  12. i think the last one is brilliant!!!!
    the random times i decide to venture out of my room to take pictures, i enjoy the awkward stares from strangers. ie the blue/green haired lady who made it into my last post.



  13. Hahahah would it be too much to say I love you? It's so refreshing to see a blogger who isn't just being "fierce" or "pretty" and just putting all the messy realness out there!

  14. Bahahaha. Love this post. Looking forward to the next outfits and outtakes post. :)

  15. This post is simply amazing!!!Love it, and the lsat picture is my favourite too!Your green booties are to die for!

  16. I bloomin love these pictures, even though they're hilarious you still look gorgeous in all of them!! You go Girl! (did I just say that?) xxx

  17. hahaha these pictures are hilarious! i love your blog niki :) you're so entertaining!

  18. Very funny comments. I love your outfit pictures. Nice shorts and shoes in the first and last picture.

    Heel in Mint

  19. This is the first time I'm visiting your blog and I have to say, you are hilarious! I love your sad face pants!

  20. HAHAHAHA great post! I had a good morning laugh!

  21. LOL! I love your blog for it's humour and style. I am totally into bloggers who have fun with fashion and posing, not just the same pose with same facial expression!

    Keep it up!!


  22. Hahahahahahha aw...that was great. Thanks for sharing. The last one's my fave too.

    Alex xoxo