May 23, 2011

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clothes that look like pajamas

...but aren't, unless you sleep in high-waisted leather shorts (You don't?! says Lady Gaga). I definitely don't -- I operate on a strict flannel-only policy because I'm sexy like that -- but I figured why not make like Ryan Gosling and jam out in what could be my jammies? But aren't.

Kimono Jacket: Topshop, Top: Wilfred, Shorts: Ark & Co, Necklace: BCBG & vintage, Shoes: Pour la Victoire

I dedicate this top knot to Susie Bubble
. And I opposite-of-dedicate it to Lauren Conrad and her 2-minute how-to top knot video. Eat your heart out Lauren, I did this in 10 seconds. Psych! I did it in 5. I kid, I kid. LC and Co.'s beauty blog, The Beauty Department is actually the latest addition to my blog roll. Don't hate, participate.

Leather + scalloped hem + fringe necklace + teal kimono + 5-inch heels + BFFs = MESOHAPPY.
PS. fun photo fact: because of my Italian genes, my fingers smell like Parmesan cheese.
Psyched again! They smell like salami. It's how I got a boyfriend, obvi.

Anyway, my fashion tip from all of this is going to blow your minds. Are you ready for it?

When you want to wear a "boudoir-inspired" outfit, my advice is to wear shoes. And make sure all your lady bits are covered. We do classy, not assy, right? Unless you read my last post.


  1. Gimme those shorts, Niki. Gimme gimme.

  2. Classy vs. assy is so much, the way to go. Hello to those shorts. Love the details.

  3. ohhh lady, it's morning here in Melbourne and this post has just made my morning!!!!!YES my dear, this is all class, seriously, even with your amazing legs going for miles the look is so elegant. love it all you ROCK pj's ;p lovely miss want it all, although i doubt ever being able to pull off those shorties, not even Ryan Gosling style! :( SO I'LL ADORE THIS INSTEAD! xxxx

  4. I've been crushing on The Beauty Department this week as well - and I love this look. There's definitely something to be said for clothes that combine to look like pjs.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. looove the shorts, all wilfred shorts are awesome. really adore this look, and your susie bubble bun :)

  6. hot shorts,,, love short shorts and heels/wedges, great look

    when you coming to nyc?

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  7. love the necklace! and teal for the spring/summer!!!

    I've seen a lot of similar items here: and this post has given me the confidence to go for it and buy my new summer look!

  8. Lovely!

  9. I adore this look! Some of my favorite trends leather and florals!!!

  10. You are the funniest writer. I'm gonna follow you. :) Plus your style is fabulous. The detail on those shorts is gorgeous!


  11. super cute. i want leather shorts super real bad. bah. seems like i might sweat though in the summer.

  12. Those shorts are calling my name! xx

  13. Bahahaha!! I'm Italian too and I always joke how I always smell like salami! Anyhoo... I am seriously in love with every thing kimono right now and this one is perfection. Are you going to NYC for work or play?