April 15, 2011

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how i do: the dkny cozy

Thanks to the wonderful people at Style Republic Magazine and DKNY, I was sent my very own DKNY Cozy to style for this week's SRM We Love Bloggers feature. If you don't know the Cozy, in it's most basic form, it's a cardigan:

photo via DKNY

However, the great thing about the Cozy is it's not just a cardigan. In fact, it's so not not just a cardigan that it comes with a handy dandy little booklet with instructions on how to wear it twelve different ways. These are my favourite ways to wear the DKNY Cozy:

I tied the two long ends together and then put the knot behind my head, to turn my Cozy into a little jacket-like sweater. I'm wearing it with a vintage dress, vintage necklace and my absolute favourite shoes right now from Farylrobin. I've been living in these slipper-like loafers for months -- Hugh Hefner, you've been on to something good my friend (besides the wealth, fame and uh... the grotto).

For this look, I brought each long end to the opposite shoulder and tied them together behind my head, then added a belt. Worn with Ash boots, Topshop faux leather cropped harem pants and a necklace from Forever 21.

For this look, I put on my Cozy backwards and then tied the long ends around my waist. Then I pinned on my brooch, posed like a caveman in heels and made a stupid face. Worn with Steven heels and a Pleasure Doing Business bandage skirt.

Taking a page out of the Cozy's book, you can also do more with A Haute Mess: find me on Facebook and tweet with me on Twitter. Now don't make me beg.

photos by Ted Brookes


  1. Creativeness at its finest, cute!

  2. WOW i want to go out and buy one now! that is amazing! i think i loved the second and third best. did you have to wear a tank under or did it completely cover you?

    love it! and your style of course!!

  3. love that third outfit! you look real hot!

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  4. I just love all the different ways that you've worn it - you gotta love a versatile piece like that!

    xoxo ~ Courtney


    love how youve done this is so many different ways and I love the colour on your skin

  6. Both outfits are amazing and you are so beautiful!!!Anyway, ehe second one is my favoutite :)!

  7. this is amazing! i had no idea.

  8. Girl, that last look is stellar. Fantastic job styling this cozy. xo

  9. You did such a great job styling this piece into different outfits! Love the sparkly bow brooch as the finishing touch in the third outfit.

  10. The backwards cozy is definitely my favourite look! You SERIOUSLY put other Canadian style bloggers to shame. Fab style, love it!

    xo ShoeTease

  11. Thank you! I had a great time in Rome, but especially shopped for souvenirs! ;) That cardigan is great and I love your second outfit with it!

    xx Marije

  12. how cool is this:) you look so pretty.. your hair looks so perfect:D

  13. Love the one piece three ways! such a lovely cardi - it looks so different in every one! (I <3 the vintage look x

  14. i love the 3 ways you styled this cardigan! the color looks amazing on you as well


  15. Looking good, girl. Loving the styling. Very creative post. My first one has to be my fave. But I bet you'll look good even in a potato sac because YOU LOOK LIKE A FREAKING MODEL! Not going to lie, I'm jealous. Maybe you should try that potato sac idea for your next outfit post. ;)


  16. Lovely colour on you! The last one is a very stylish version.

  17. All these looks are so fantastic and different from each other, which is great because you could practically live in it and no one would know. I'm so bad at understanding how to style and wear those versatile pieces so it's always nice to see someone figure it out for you!

  18. like the blue flowery dress with the white socks.. great look!

    xx claudia

  19. HAHAHA 'pose like a caveman' i love it! Great use of the cozy, all super different looks. You'll get so much wear out if it, it's so versatile!!!!

  20. What clever and inspiring ways to wear the ever-so-loved cozy. All variations look stunning! It’s great when you can find a solid piece that transforms to fit whatever your style is aiming to portray. Love it.

  21. the studded peep toe booties are haute!

  22. such a versatile piece and I love the different ways you wore it! You've got a new folower :)
    fellow Canadian blogger