March 11, 2011

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australian love affair

And no ladies, I'm not talking about your sick fantasies with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, or in my friend Sara's case, Russell Crowe as General Maximus in a pleated leather mini (or for me, Curtis Stone making me a pizza the size of my house). Surprise! I'm talking about fashion.

I find that I'm continuously discovering new lines hailing from the Land Down Under. I've already written about Bec & Bridge and Tina Kalivas, and have showcased my love for Something Else by Natalie Wood and MINKPINK in a variety of style posts. One of the latest and greatest lines to steal my heart is Finders Keepers, which I discovered while perusing the blog of one of my favourite e-boutiques, Bicyclette.

According to its creators, Finders Keepers is "a fresh take on fast fashion, with a signature look that is defined by it’s unique and often quirky prints, on-trend design and it’s modern take on vintage." Its on a mission to be fun, fashionable and best of all, affordable, without sacrificing quality (ahem. H&M). To find out where Finders Keepers is available online (and if you're in Australia, at which boutiques) click here.

In other news -- I'd like to say THANK YOU! to everyone who came out to the V Lounge for Fashion's Night OUT! for Out in Schools on Tuesday night. It was great to see so many familiar and new faces supporting a great cause. I hope you all had a wonderful time and thanks again for your support!


  1. i love the romper! then again, i love anything with stripes.
    i was at Fashion's Night Out, and it was such a fun night!

  2. Love this line! Have you checked out One Teaspoon? They are from Australia too and their stuff is unreal!

    Thanks again for such a great night at FNOvancouver, it was so much fun! :)

  3. thanks for this post!! love this

  4. so many great pieces! thanks for introducing me :