February 9, 2011

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and i'm off... again!

photo found here.

If you have me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know that I'm going to New York for Fashion Week (since I've been talking about it crazy obnoxiously) but to everyone else -- guess what! I'm going to New York Fashion Week! This is my first time going and I'm ridiculously excited. I haven't been blogging much this year since I've traveling quite a bit so far, but I'll do my best to blog while I'm gone. I have no idea how busy I may be (it is the city that never sleeps) so if not, I will have tons of great posts upon my return.

In the meantime, check out my current giveaway courtesy of Banana Republic. You can enter to win a bottle of the company's latest fragrance, Wildbloom, by simply leaving a comment on the post below.

Bye for now!

PS. For real time updates on what happens when A Haute Mess takes New York (eat your hearts out, Kardashians) follow me on Twitter HERE.


  1. Have a great trip! im sure youll have alot of fun :)

  2. Have fun in my beloved city!!!! :D


  3. So jealous. Take lots of lovely photos and have a time!

  4. Have a safe trip and remember to bring me back something!

  5. OOO NY Fashion Week?!?! You have got to be kidding me!!! You had better be blogging about your adventures and of the gorgeous gorgeous clothes you will get to see! AHH can not wait to hear about it!!! Have a safe trip over, and back!

  6. have an awesome time! can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Hey Lady!

    I linked you to my atomic site!! Hope you dont mind:)

    You can add a widget to the side of your blog as well if you like, sort of like a blog roller! Or automatically upload content.


    Have fun! xo

  8. jealous!! :P anyway, glad to meet another vancouver blog. just followed your blog. hope you can come visit me too and follow my blog as well if you liked it. thanks dear! :)


  9. I live in new york and I'VE never been to ny fashion week. hope it was awesome!


  10. Exciting! Hope it went well.
    Love what your doing with your blog, I am also a local blogger, just moved here from calgary a month or so ago. Anyway keep up the great work!


  11. Last week I started to read your blog, and now I can not wait when you post an update from "the big appe" NY :D

  12. Can't wait to see the posts about NYFW!