January 23, 2011

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a week in twitpics

If you follow me on Twitter chances are you have already been victim to my Twitpic addiction (aka have seen hundreds of pictures of my dog) but this is different, I promise. Since I haven't had time to do a formal style post in a while, I've been making an effort this week to snap a quick picture on my phone before I head out the door. Please ignore (or don't judge) the not-so-haute mess you see in the background -- my bedroom's current state is a result of simultaneous unpacking, closet cleaning and what may be a world record in the most amount of laundry ever done.

ps. I have a fun Facebook giveaway coming up this week with Glowing Beauty! Be sure to "like" A Haute Mess on Facebook and stay tuned...


  1. No judgement of the mess! If you saw what my room looked like you'd redefine messy ;)

    Very cute looks! I love the shoes in the first pic.


  2. Those pants in the last pic are amazing! I also like how you accessorized with a banana - a punch of colour and a snack all in one ;)

    -- Rachael of latentblatant.com

  3. These are all such amazing looks! I love them all so so much!



  4. Woahhhh great outfits! Get it grl

  5. I love all these outfits. :) My room is a huge mess right now too. I've been in the process of doing laundry for about two weeks. Ahhhh. I wish clothes could clean themselves. :(

  6. Love the polka dots and flower combo!

  7. Hello Niki! Just found you blog via your guest post on "Miss Mellisa's" blog. How fabulous to see that you are a fellow "Vancouverite". I find this very exciting! Loving your outfits and no judgment on the background decor. My room is in the same state as I sort my closet, do laundry, and just generally live. xx veronika

  8. It's just the result of being busy and leading an active fun filled lifestyle! Props to the outfits they are spectacular and the 2nd pic is the look that really caught my eye.