December 26, 2010

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ask the experts: jen & karen of blo blow dry bar

For those of you who don't know Blo, it's North America's original blow dry bar. Blo's mission is simple: no cuts, no colours, just wash, blow, go -- all for around $30. With 2011 quickly approaching, I've enlisted the help of Jenny Randhawa and Karen Manhas, franchise partners of B.C.'s Blo bars, to tell you, dear readers, how to whip your hair into the new year.

A little bit of background from Jen and Karen first...
We met about 10 years ago. Our husbands were (and still are) good friends and through them we got to know one another over the years. We both had been looking (together, but separately if that makes sense) for that opportunity to create our own business and we came across BLO! We both said to one another, “why didn’t we think of that?” An affordable luxury of perfect hair! It was a fabulous idea and we just had to be a part of this new and exciting business opportunity.

Karen (left) and Jenny (right).

What services does Blo provide?
The Blo Out of course! $33
The Blo Out with bonded extensions: $55
The Blo Out with clip in extensions: $66
Up Do a La Carte: $55
Blo Girl: $21
Blo Bro (yes we take care of the men as well): $21

Favourite New Year’s Eve look: Big hair! Lots of volume! Go big or go home!

Best Celeb Hair
: Kim Kardashian is definitely the popular one of the season!

Inside Blo.

Upcoming hair trends for 2011: Long luscious beach waves will carry over from 2010 and into Spring 2011. If it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it -- this style is going to be around for a while!

Must-have product(s): At Blo we have our own product line from shampoo/conditioners, shining spray to volumizers. Our must have is definitely our High Maintenance volumizer and our Knockout shining spray! Who doesn't want voluminous shiny hair?

Blo's in-house product line.

Any maintenance/hair-care tips? Don’t wash your hair everyday, it dries out the ends. Try this cycle:
Day 1 –wash, blow dry as usual – leave hair down and clean
Day 2 – curl with a 1 ½ inch curling iron for loose waves and a new look
Day 3 – tie those curls up in a chic pony, either in the low back or side pony for a clean polished look
Day 4 – wash hair again – repeat cycle!

If you must wash your hair more often than three days, use a deep conditioner once a week – try Moroccan Oil Restorative Deep Conditioner (available at all our locations).

The entire range of Moroccan Oil products is available at every Blo location.

Any last words to leave with the readers of A Haute Mess? The Holiday season is in full swing! If you’re waiting to book that New Year's Eve appointment with us, don’t wait anymore! We’re almost fully booked on weekends at all locations this month.

To book an appointment at a Blo location near you, visit them online at Thanks again Jen and Karen!


  1. Gotta admit that I'm guilty of getting the "Kim Kardashian" when I go to Blo. Hahaha. Great post!

  2. Great post, WISH we had similar services in London. X

  3. I love this! I wish we had something similar in Calgary.


  4. My friend and I went to BLO before my birthday party and we were very impressed. We had heard good things about it from a few friends so we had to try it out for ourselves! Oh my gosh, my hair has never looked better. We had a wash, blow dry, and style in a half an hour and my hair looked bouncy without looking crispy and my curls stayed for two days! I would highly recommend any of the four salons to anyone. Overall we had a fabulous experience and the staff gave us excellent service.

  5. LOve Blo! great post! BTW: just found ur blog and I am officially a new devoted follower! love your blog. If you get the chance, pass by my blog and say hi! Can't wait to read more!


  6. I've always wanted to visit this place! I don't know about their advice for washing hair every 4 days... I think my hair would disgustingly greasy by then :/

  7. Fantastic blog.
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me =)

  8. I've seen these before, looks interesting but as a student theres no way I can pay $40 for someone to wash and blow dry my hair.

  9. so wish we had a blo in South Africa