November 14, 2010

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scarf it up with yarnz this winter

While spending a quiet evening at home indulging in one my most masochistic of activities, perusing, I stumbled upon YARNZ, the fun line of cashmere scarves you can see below. YARNZ is actually a design house created by a family in Kashmir, India, who specialize in top-grade, exquisite cashmere. The fine hairs are sourced in the spring months in Mongolia, and then meticulously dyed and spinned, creating classic staples with a modern, contemporary twist.

High quality cashmere meets leopard, florals, digital prints and metal detailing? I'm sold. Prices for YARNZ scarves range from $99 to $170 USD, and by the reviews of their quality and composition, they're worth every penny. My favourite is the Clocks Woven Snood, pictured in the last row on the far right. What's yours?

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  1. Delicious. Winter's one redeeming feature is the excuse to bedeck yourself in luxurious cashmere and other cosy accessories. I particularly love the leopard print number. Great post, as per always. X

  2. man its hard to pick one but id say, if i was to buy one right now it would be the very first one! they are incredible! you can never have too many scarves!

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  4. I'm not into these shawls, they look simple and cheap. But I like your blog! What do you think of following each other? xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inpspiration'

  5. These scarves are beautiful! XOXO,

  6. I do like your post ,totally high fashion...

  7. They're all so pretty, I can't decide!

  8. reading your post and i do believe you are born to be a fashion blogger.

  9. Wow every one of those scarves is amazing!

  10. The patterns are very simple and unique - thanks for the link!

  11. all beautiful! I love the bottom left! o

  12. I will take one of each! (if my budget allowed me :0)

    Love them!

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