November 5, 2010

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life is good in the hot seats

The city seems to be buzzing more than usual with events to attend every night of the week -- sometimes even two, three or even four! Sadly I've been too busy to be social, or too tired from being busy to be social and have been a bit of a workhorse/homebody the past few weeks. But when the good people at Metropolis at Metrotown invited me to their Executive Suite to watch the Vancouver Canucks play the New Jersey Devils on Monday night... you better believe I sucked it up, chugged a coffee, threw on my Canucks jersey and headed out with bells on.


Sarah from Metropolis at Metrotown and I

The Greats

As a huge Canucks fan, I was over the moon that I got to preview the mall's new customer promotion called The Hot Seats Contest. Customers can win tickets to see the next big concert or Canucks game in Metropolis at Metrotown's Executive Suite and enjoy an exclusive, fully catered night in the Hot Seats.

This could be you!

Don't even threaten me with a catered time. Mini burgers are one of the many loves of my life.

Me and the Contest Winners

Customers can enter at customer service booths in the mall for a chance to win tickets to concerts or Canucks home games over the year, and up to five lucky shoppers will each get a pair of tickets in a random draw before each event. You can even win tickets via social media, so be sure to follow them on Twitter, search their tag #MetropolisHotSeats and add them on Facebook.

Oh, and the best part of the night? A shutout win!

El Capitan Hank gets a penalty shot...

...and boom goes the dynamite. That's my boy.

Victory! Can I get a Luuuuuu?

ps. BIGBIGBIG THANKS to Sarah and everyone at Metropolis at Metrotown for having me as your guest in the Hot Seats. I might have to start camping out at customer service so I can go again!