October 24, 2010

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the greatness of mcqueen

Over the past few weeks, local boutique Barefoot Contessa has enlisted a few of Vancouver's fashion bloggers to style the window displays at their Main St. location. This week: it's my turn. I've gathered a few photos of some (recent) past favourites for inspiration and to incorporate into my display -- and I had to share. Remember Alexander McQueen SS10? Of course you do. I still can't believe what a beautiful and imaginative collection this was.

Photos via Style.com

RIP McQueen. I hope you've got angels stomping around heaven in armadillo shoes and digital prints.

I also must include a big thank you for continuing to read A Haute Mess and an apology for the lack of updates this month. October has been crazy busy for me and I haven't been able to spend much time here. Things should clear up soon though, so please do continue to read and to check back often! Also, if you've Formspringed me lately: I'm not ignoring your questions, I'm experiencing some technical difficulties and I can't log in -- insert annoyed sigh -- but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations

  2. Definitely one of the most inspiring collections ever created! Great post lovely.

    Alexandra xo


  3. It's interesting to me how he could have created what is such an amazingly innovative and memorable collection, while he was undergoing such internal turmoil. This collection is so out there it seems like we are peeking into fashion centuries ahead of now... or a Lady Gaga video.

  4. I just don't think we'll see another like him for a time or so. Those shoes?? He was just way ahead of it all.


  5. McQueen.. one of the best, what a tragedy to the fashion world..

  6. Brilliant mind! Such detail! Fashion is much more than style. You do not have to wear his designs or care to, to appreciate his work, art, His mind of pure genius. RIP. McQueen

    Love your blog :) xoxo