October 17, 2010

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now where was I...

The next day after the opening party (of course) started bright and early -- we had a press conference to get ready for and a full day of shows, including one client and a whole lot of seating to figure out. The press conference featured quick speeches by Ray Civello, the President of AVEDA Canada (AVEDA was the presenting sponsor of Eco Fashion Week, Myriam Laroche, the President of EFW, Evie Ponce, the VP of EFW, designers Jeff Garner and Nicole Bridger of Prophetik and Nicole Bridger Designs, respectively, and Lee Malleau from the Vancouver Economic Development Commission.

Ray Civello, the President of AVEDA Canada. Photo by Kris Krug.

The morning continued with a seminar by the fabulous Carly Stojsic from WGSN, the leading online trend analysis and research service for the apparel, style, design and retail industries. Sadly, I did not get to see her seminar (I was doing seating charts backstage) but she spoke on sustainability in fashion as a movement and not just a trend. Having had post-party drinks with her the night before, she gave me a brief rundown of what she was going to speak on and told me how major corporations like Walmart are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to hear seminars as such, trying to learn how to incorporate more sustainable business practices into their company. You know if Walmart is hopping on the eco train, this truly isn't a passing trend.

Carly Stojsic of WGSN on the far left. Also pictured (L-R): Myriam Laroche, President of Eco Fashion Week & Evie Ponce, Vice President of Eco Fashion Week. Photo by Phillip Jeffrey.

Next up -- the fashion shows begin! The first was a collective showcase featuring Lara Miller (from Chicago) and Emesha (from London). Emesha’s sharp tailoring, architectural inspiration and structure were a distinct partner to Lara Miller’s cozy knit harem pants, cardigans, over-sized scarves and layering tees.

Favourites from the Emesha show. Photos by Kris Krug.

Favourites from the Lara Miller show. Photos by Kris Krug.

All the way from Brazil and one of the only menswear lines shown (and our client's collection!), EDEN Organic Menswear was next and featured a vibrant array of naturally dyed tees, polos, skinny chinos and denim. Some of the samples were a bit big for the models, so our team was backstage with the dressers, pinning and clamping the pants on the boys in between looks. Just hanging backstage with half-naked models, no.big.deal. Except you don't even notice when you're frantically trying to get the current outfit off, next outfit on, clamped, and back out on the runway within seconds. Nevertheless the show was whimsical and fun and the crowd loved it, and I loved how the boys strutted down the runway wearing Havaianas and holding asymmetrical umbrellas.

EDEN Organic Menswear. Photos by Kris Krug.

The finale runway show on Day One was a collective including local labels Nixxi, Lav & Kush and kdon by Kim Cathers. The show opener, Nixxi, had an aesthetic of fusing contrasts: structural lines with casual draped silhouettes, resulting in an easy-to-wear, casual cool. Lav & Kush’s summery dresses and jumpers -- perfect for summer in the city -- had me craving warmer weather, even though it was only late September. Kim Cathers, well known for her appearance on “Project Runway: Canada”, created her entire collection out of reclaimed material from Our Social Fabric, and wowed the crowd with intricate details and feminine ruching.

Left to Right: Nixxi, Lav & Kush, kdon by Kim Cathers. Photos by Kris Krug.


In case you're new here... that's me in the middle! Looking very exhausted. Pictured with Shauna (left) and Ashley (right) from Eco Fashion Week. I'm wearing a thrifted GAP Denim shirt, vintage shorts and Ash booties. Photo by Phillip Jeffrey.

I could only find this grainy picture of these, but I've also worn them here, and here, and here, and here, and here! You get the point.

I'll be honest -- I was exhausted that morning after the previous day's 12 hours of work and the opening party, so I literally picked these items off of my floor and had planned on racing home before the evening's shows to change. Of course this didn't happen, since I worked morning until night but luckily I had a pair of heels in my car and was able to toss them on with my outfit and dress it up a bit. Once again, one of my fashion rules saves me! Always keep a pair of heels and a pair of flats at your office, in your car, gym locker, or anywhere else you have easy access to during your busy day. A simple switch in footwear makes for a very quick and easy costume change, whenever you need one!


  1. I don't know why I haven't commented before since I stalk your blog on another level. But since I'm avoiding editing my paper, I'll write here instead.

    Buh-nanas. Love you long time! xoxo

  2. Oh that "keep flats everywhere" rule is what keeps my poor feet alive!

    Loving these work posts.

  3. love it! so interesting!

  4. You should be so proud of yourself, I've heard nothing but amazing things about the event! Congrats Niki!

    Alexandra xo


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  7. The "keep heels and flats" everywhere rule is such a great rule! My only fear would be that the heels I feel like wearing at a given moment were left behind at the office or something. :P

  8. Love this series of posts on your experiences at Eco Fashion Week!

    I'd never be able to tell you didn't plan on wearing those heels with that outfit all along. I love every piece you wore! I've been looking for a great pair of leather shorts...no luck yet though.

  9. It was so interesting reading that post darling!
    And I totally agree with you, I always carry flats with me!

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    Em K

  14. You look like you had fun, love your outfit! Your keep flats, etc everywhere tip is actually very useful haha.


  15. Well girly, you pull off exhausted well. Must be the kick ass shoes, a great distraction!

  16. I can't even believe you just threw on the shoes and were ready! I'm a mix of impressed and JEALOUS! Because you look gorgeous. Not exhausted at all. Just gorgeous.

    Loved this post. And keeping a brilliant pair of shoes in my car from now on!