October 28, 2010

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a haute mess meets barefoot contessa

And no, I don't mean the butter-loving dessert queen/my hero and Food Network superstar Ina Garten. Local boutique Barefoot Contessa has enlisted a number of local fashion and style bloggers to create window displays at their Main Street location. So far we've seen amazing displays by Le Mode du Jour, Closet Full of Nothing, The Anthology, Miss Melissa and I'm the It Girl, and this week it was my turn along with Jen from Prairie Girl in the City. I don't want to spoil Jen's posting, so here's just a little peek at her awesome travel-inspired display:

As Anya mentioned, Barefoot Contessa is girlie haven. It's full of fancy frocks, sparkly accessories and other pretty things. So I decided to take it out of it's element a bit and (haute) mess it up a bit. I was thinking David Bowie or Freddie Mercury meets the 2010 West Coast girl. Plus, I wanted to incorporate my own style and favourite things such as leather, lace, leopard and layers! And sequins, big accessories, shoulder pads, faux fur, etc etc etc. Thus the inspiration behind the outfits and the display is Glam Rock, and it features a few shoutouts to some of my favourite fashion moments over the past few years to top it off.

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know my love for Balmain runs deep. These lovely ladies received the tissue paper treatment to pump up their shoulders a bit. Just a little homage to my boy Christophe.

The green top and the leopard skirt are actually both dresses. Sometimes a dress is just a dress (right Freud?) but sometimes it can be tucked in or folded in half to be worn as a top or a skirt instead.

My entourage.

Yep -- that's a mannie wearing Louboutins. The one with the asymmetrical leather/lace/sequin dress is also wearing the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte spiked beauties. The photos are primarily of Alexander McQueen SS10 and Balmain FW10 and SS11, plus a little Bowie, Benny and other random inspiration was thrown in too.


Jen and I after the window styling extravaganza!

To see the window displays in person, visit Barefoot Contessa at 3715 Main St. Our windows will be up until Wednesday Nov. 3rd.


  1. Straight up killed it.


  2. Looks cool, rough and tough. Nice job lady.

    Prairie Girl in the City's window looks lovely. Nice juxtaposition.

  3. Wow, great job Niki! I think this is my favourite so far-- for the fact that you've injected so much of your own personality and style in it. It's so distinct and altogether rocker but still possesses girly elements that fit in with the Barefoot Contessa image. Wonderful!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Nice clothes!


  5. Congratulations Niki, yours looks amazing! I do mine November 10th, can't wait, such an awesome boutique.

    Alexandra xo


  6. You both did such amazing jobs! I stopped by tonight to take a look and I loved every single one of your looks.


  7. Awesome job Niki! I love all your outfits and they're all very you ;) I esp love how you used that leopard print dress and turned it into a skirt and belted it - amazing. I also love the black one shoulder dress with the diagonal lace panels!

  8. I wish I could stop by but unfortunately Im in California :(. This looks so amazing, I LOVE the clothing and window displays! Great job! XOXO, Natalya's Closet

  9. Niki I LOVE your window display, it is soooo you :) The pressure is on...le sigh!

  10. Like Anya and Nicole have said, this window is very you. Nice job!

  11. Your window is amazing and so unique among the others! You can definitely see you in there. Great job :)

  12. Niki! This is so cool! Absolutely love that little fur vest, the chain accessories are very you, un natural at this display-thing if you ask me!

  13. Ah-mazing window Niki! Will be there to check it out in person on Sunday. Can't wait!!

  14. such a great job niki. the window is very you and i loved the pieces you chose.

    barefoot is such a pretty store too.