October 10, 2010

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eco fashion week diary: day one (the first half)

Since I get a lot of e-mails and Formsprings about my job, I thought I would do something a little different this week: I work for a boutique PR firm that is the official agency of Eco Fashion Week Vancouver and so I thought I would share a little fashion week diary about my experiences throughout the event. Activities, outfits and of course, the fashion. Welcome to a few days in the life of the next Kelly Cutrone -- I'd say just kidding but aim high, right? Wink!

DAY ONE: The week begins! Not only is our agency the PR team for Eco Fashion Week in its entirety, but we have two clients participating as well. So the morning begins bright and early with a full day of model fittings and the VIP/Media opening party that night (which means a Blackberry on the verge of implosion). There isn't much to say about model fittings; you basically just figure out which model is going to wear what during the show, style and accessorize and snap a picture to reference on the day of the runway show. It's not complicated, but it is lengthy and can be a tedious process.

Snapshots from the EDEN Organic Menswear fitting. Life is so hard.

The fittings went pretty smoothly but the day was stressful with non-stop last minute RSVP requests coming in, tons of e-mails to get back to and urgent media requests for our other clients to handle... all while trying to get the fittings done in good time. After the fittings our team had to jet 20 minutes across town, get ready for that night's party (while simultaneously e-mailing) and head back downtown to the event. The only catch? We had less than an hour to do it all. And of course, it was rush hour. F!


Vintage Valentino blouse, vintage leather shorts and H&M boots

This vintage Valentino blouse is definitely my favourite item in my closet right now. I'm obsessed with tie-neck blouses -- I blame Mad Men, especially Joan. She's one of my favourite television characters with one of my favourite television wardrobes.

Since I don't own a lot of eco-friendly fashion other than basic tees and tanks, I made a big effort to wear mostly vintage during Eco Fashion Week, with the exception of my dress for the opening party, which was a lot more Serena van der Woodsen and a lot less Joan Harris... although either character would've high-fived me for cleavage. To be continued.


  1. Great post!

    I'd love to see some more posts about your job - I'm sort of musing the idea of jobs within the communications field.

  2. Great post, it's interesting to know about your work :)
    And that outfit is lovely!

  3. This is a really interesting post! Loving the blouse xo

  4. Nice post about your job! I realy like your blouse :)

  5. love the entire outfit! what you did with those shorts is amazing...they look totally different than the before shot.

  6. I am in love with leather shorts at the moment, and I love your pair! They look amazing with the blouse.


  7. This outfit rocks, I love those shorts and that flowy top!! And sounds like a great fashion event! XOXO, Natalya

  8. What a fabulous vintage blouse! And good for you for wearing leather shorts. I love that people, like yourself, in Vancouver are dressing up a little more ;)

  9. hey!! I gave you a blogger award! You can see it on my blog! :)

  10. OOOh I WANT that shirt! MUST have! It's a beaut!

  11. I love the tie-neck blouse, the colour looks great on you and the leather shorts go perfectly with it. LOL at your "life is so hard" caption. More job envy haha

  12. oh my god! those leather shorts are awesome...xx

  13. Oh my...you look simply delish. Lovin' the shorts and the boots. And I can see why that is your favorite blouse. You officialy have my approval to add more to your wardrobe. LMBO!

    Work it, Niki B....that color contrast. Mmmph!


  14. gorge. adores. hell boots.